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I recieved money for my birthday off my parents and decided a few hours later that some needed to be spent on a jacket from my local Matalan. Well, an hour later I walked out with this lot! OK, some of the accessories are from else where but there were so many stand out pieces, I went a bit OTT! There’s also a faux leather quilted biker skirt and another lilac mesh knit that I’ve left out here, which will see me through Spring, Summer & Autumn.



Clockwise: Gypsy tassel ‘hanky’ top Matalan, turquiose tassel necklace Florence & Fred @ Tesco, denim flower print shirt Matalan, cross body bag Matalan, wide leg trousers Matalan, embroidered flower hot pants Matalan, gypsy vest Matalan, snood (infinity scarf) M&S, mesh knit jumper Matalan, flower print bomber Matalan, charm scarf necklace/belt M&S.

This lot should have been £60 but I received a £20 discount with my loyal members voucher. The clothes are of noticeably better quality, cut and design than some of the other cheap shops and supermarkets. (Tesco’s are crap but ASDA’s are also fab!)

Which is your fave item and what would you team it with?

4 responses to “Surprising Summer Matalan Haul”

  1. Jenny Avatar

    Great haul for sure. I think I might have to go to matalan myself before I go on holiday soon. Love the white tops. as you can then pair them with any bright sandal, bright summer scarf, and jeans or colored shorts. Very versatile in spring/summer. and let’s not forget the layered affect for the cooler nights.


    1. manchesterflickchick Avatar

      V versatile. Yes, I’m starting to look very boho (or baglady) with the amount of layering I’ve been doing over the last few weeks, ha!


  2. Sandra Avatar

    Love it all! But if I HAD to choose just one…the white top is so pretty. I could rock it with jeans, a skirt, shorts, and I’d love to pair it with that great scarf you found.


    1. manchesterflickchick Avatar

      Thanks for stopping by. It’s so versatile isn’t it. I’m thinking denim skirt, or shorts and tan ankle boots or floaty skirt n sandals and the scarf of course :0)


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