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We’ve all had those “what was I thinking moments” when looking back on photographs of nights out. However, with a bit of perspective, planning, and basic stylistic sense, putting your perfect outfit together is a lot easier than you think! These are all of the fab tips that I’ve learned over the years, through close friends opinions, hours spent on a Saturday trying on outfits and taking selfies in the mirror and some basic trial and error.


Do wear something you feel confident and comfortable in, if you are going somewhere new or meeting new people. Feeling awkward, silly or fidgety won’t let your personality shine through.

Do consider if your cute new outfit is actually practical for what you will be doing. It’s no good wearing a short dress to go bowling when a flattering belted playsuit would have been better.

Do pick two styles/genres that compliment each other e.g. sporty + structured luxury = sports luxe. Country chick + hippie = Boho (meaning a bohemian gypsy look) etc.

Do consider length, width and cut. Balance out wide hips with bootcut jeans – narrow hips with an a-line camisole top – a wide waist with a fitted jacket – a big bum with a straight 3/4 skirt – a flat bum with a skater skirt – big boobs with a low or scoop necked loose maxi dress – small boobs with a structured top etc.

Oprah purple


Do create the shape you want while working with the shape you already have.

Do wear (or especially buy) the right underwear for your outfit. Consider camera flashes, UV lights, the weather and if you don’t mind accidentally showing it off!

Do consider your colouring:

Black/darker skin suits most shades including citrus shades, bright primary colours and metallics really pop. Ice cream shades (pastels) can sometimes look a little chalky or drab.

Olive/Asian toned skin can also get away with most colours especially citrus and deep earthy shades. Softer shades won’t give a washed out appearance but pale pinks and creams aren’t necessarily complimentary. I’d avoid yellow on paler mid-toned skin as it can create a sallow appearance.

White/Pale skin tones suit mid toned warm colours such as peach, pink, olive, terracotta. Primary colours. Pastels are also complimentary but it’s a good idea to team with natural makeup and gold accessories so as to not look too washed out.

Obviously there are a hundred shades of skin and hair colour so this is just a basic guide. Any beauty counter assistant or personal shopper worth their salt should be able to advise you on what colours suit your individual colouring – natural or otherwise ;0)


Don’t mix up loads of different styles in the same outfit. If you ‘have nothing to wear’ but masses of clothes, you probably don’t have a clear idea of how you want appear. Pick one statement piece you feel confident about and slowly build around it.

Don’t get too carried away with your theme and end up looking like you’re wearing a fancy dress costume!

oh dear

Don’t automatically go to that faithful black item you always wear and team it with that faithful black cardigan you always wear and team it with that faithful black…. Inject some colour! Bright accessories like a necklace, a bag or belt can work wonders. Or even just a colourful vest peeping out can transform your complexion.


Don’t just swamp your figure in clothes if you don’t like it. That never looks flattering on anyone!

Don’t go all out with your clothes, your makeup, your, hair, your jewellery without pausing a moment to look at yourself subjectively before leaving the house. It’s a fine line between babe and Barbie!

Don’t randomly team solid structured fabrics with floaty sheer fabrics without thinking of your outfit as a whole first.

Don’t worry if you really want to wear that one particular item that you’re worried looks a bit OTT. That’s just you expressing yourself creatively! :0D

4 responses to “How To Create The Perfect Outfit For Any Occasion”

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  2. Niranjana Avatar

    Hello! Been quite a while, hasn’t it? Oh, and I love this post – it’s a perfect how to!


    1. manchesterflickchick Avatar

      Helooo again, nice to hear from you. Aw thank you 😁


      1. Niranjana Avatar

        🙂 You too. You’re welcome!


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