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Like a lot of good relationships this post took a little while to work well. It started with my ‘Why The Bloke Is Awesome’ list, some is inspired by my Mums advice, the slant on it is inspired by a Cosmo article but all of it is based in common truths.   1 He Just Gets You He shares your weird humour and can add to those hysterical “Can you imagine if…” conversations. He can also make you laugh by just giving you a look. photo 2 He Can Read Your Mood He notices when you are looking poorly or down and asks what he can do to help as he’s giving you a hug. If you are having a mini melt-down he knows what to do to calm you down, even if that’s just giving you the space you need. 3 He’s A Hunter Gatherer It’s raining, you’ve just had a bath and you’re in your PJ’s. Of course he’ll go to the shops to get you some urgently needed ice cream. 4 He’s Kind To People That Matter To You And Strangers He’ll listen to that story about the dancing dog your Mum is telling him for the 100th time. He’ll actually remember your mate saying she needed a certain item and he knows a bloke who knows a bloke who has one going spare. He’ll help a stranger who’s just fell in the road. 5 He Encourages You To Be Independent He’s pleased your meeting up with your mates because he’s not as enthused by day long shopping sprees as they are. He’ll be chuffed that you are doing well at work even if your more successful than him. He’ll be vaguely interested (or at least pretend to be) in how your beauty blogger meet up went. 6 You Make Time For Each Other Your idea of a perfect night in is a home cooked meal or your usual giant takeaway, a 12 pack of beers and a season of Game Of Thrones. 7 You Share The Same Ideals And Basic Ethics Wether that refers to how you treat people who are different to you, environmental issues or religious ideas. And no, having chilli night three times a week is not a basic human right. 8 He Shares The Load If he never seems to notice the washing up pilling up or the carpet needs hoovering or the recycling monster needs taking out, then it’s pointless! You are his girlfriend not his maid. 9 You Compensate For Each Others Weaknesses You can’t cook anything more advanced than a pizza while he can do a full sunday roast. You don’t know what a socket wrench is while he can fix anything you present him with. You are a naturally organised person, while his year planner is still in it’s cellophane. 10 You Can Happily Spend The Day In Bed Together Sunday is what snuggling and stuff is made for (smart phone apps and yummy snacks optional). Who needs to see daylight everyday anyway. 11 You Have Seen Each Other Loose The Plot Completely He says “Look, this just isn’t working!” You have a full on rant. He meant the TV remote. He’s a funny shade of green and has only just made it inside the front door so you sit with him in bed – with a bowl. He’s seen you full on ugly cry and wiped your nose with his T-shirt. You can BOTH admit to each other when you are scared/upset and aren’t terrified of confessing to doing something really messed-up. 12 He Sticks Up For You He only puts you down by calling you Miss Moo because you make enthusiastic mooing noises when you really agree with something or food tastes yummy. It’s your little in-joke. If someone is being really rude to you he will step in and politely but sternly ask the person “Do we have a problem here?” 13 He’s Willing To Compromise He’ll let you watch Strictly (without noticing he’s tapping his foot to the music) as long as you then watch “some dudes doing some awesome shit with giant cranes.” Deal! photo 14 He Can Graciously Take Advice “I love your flair for fashion hon, but Bermuda shorts with a flaming skull Tshirt paired with novelty socks and Birkenstocks don’t quite do you justice.” Or “That women doeshave a crush on you and she isa big giant bitch every time she speaks to me. I’m just watching your back, you know?” 15 You’ve Had The Talk A little while after you declared your love for each other you had the theoretical Baby Or Not To Baby chat along with the Do You Believe In Marriage chat – and you both came out with at least vaguely similar answers. 16 He Will Tell You When You Are Out Of Line It’s his flat and those beaten up cardboard boxes are his ancient and beloved ‘storage system’. He will tell you “No you cannot borrow money to buy another pair of shoes that look exactly like the other ‘sporty pair’ and the other ‘luxury pair’ because you’ve suddenly decided you ‘need’ a ‘sports-luxe’ pair!” 17 You Admit To Missing Each Other It really does feel strange to sleep in a bed without being next to each other. You had no one to share your random witty thoughts with before going to sleep. 18 You Drive Each Other Mad But That’s Ok You have learned that tripping over his clothes/shoes/wet towel he’s abandoned is an inevitability and he just gets distracted easily. He has learned that you fidgeting about for ages before using him as a human pillow is actually quite sweet – even when you are on the bus. 19 You ConsiderEach Other When Apart He phones to see if you want anything from the supermarket or surprises you with that hard to find desert you love. You phone him when it’s getting late to remind him the last bus is due shortly. 20 You Love Each Other To Bits Ok might fancy the dude at the newsagents who looks like Zane from One Direction. You might even go melty at the knees when your blokes dysfunctional but charismatic friend gives you a cheeky wink but you just couldn’t conceive of having this deeply loving relationship with anyone else! photo

8 responses to “20 Ways To Know If He’s The One”

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    […] 20 Ways To Know If He’s The One – It’s not all sickeningly romantic, promise! […]


  2. Sandra Avatar

    This reads like a love letter to your sweetie. It’s perfect! Xo


    1. manchesterflickchick Avatar

      Aww shut up! Hehe! That’s really sweet of you to say. He’d listen and agree to about 5 or 6 points on there and then he’d start making sick noises before pretending to loose interest and read the news ;0)


  3. misspond Avatar

    🙂 Totally agree with all points!


    1. manchesterflickchick Avatar

      That’s brill! I do think every relationship needs them all to last as well.


  4. Kajsa Josephine Avatar

    Thanks for sharing ❤ It´s good to be reminded of these important aspects of a relationship.


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