Stuck in a Shoe Rut & Kicking The Habit

“Stuck in a shoe rut and can’t get out of it” so Bono sung, or something like that that. We are all guilty of knowing what suits us and what is practical and pig heatedly sticking to it, shopping trip after shopping trip. Browsing online and almost subconsciously selecting styles we already own three or four of.

As regular readers will know I have a major thing for big chunky boots so when I came across the Spartoo webisite I automatically clicked on women’s mid boots. I was spoilt for choice there were so many to put on my mental wish list. Then I paused and imagined my friends saying “More boots, seriously?”



Ok so I justify my boot fetish by saying I can’t walk in heels (conveniently forgetting that it’s all about the block heals, right now). I have a big stride and walk quickly so I rarely get pumps or ballet flats as they tend to fly off my feet! Fair enough. But surely I didn’t walk around bare footed before the boot fetish started?

Trainers! Kicks! Sneakers! Once the go-to shoe for scalies and chav’s across the land, they are now vibrant, pretty or edgy fashion statements, worn by the likes of Rita Ora, Rihanna and Jessie Jay. I haven’t been in a trainer shop since I was around 16 for the simple fact that they intimidate me, being rammed with very young, painfully cool people. Nowadays I’d feel like someone’s misguided mum!

This is where the benefit of online shopping come in. Unlike unreliable clothes sizes I know I’m a steady size 7. I searched the Spartoo site hoping to find trainers that would suit my punky/alt/urban style – not much to ask then, ha! I found these three, which I thought were pretty awesome!

Vans high tops 248736_1200_A




Ok, so now I have a small obsession with high-tops!

Which ones do you prefer?

Note: I have been sponsored in shoes (the Vans high tops) for this post.






13 thoughts on “Stuck in a Shoe Rut & Kicking The Habit

  1. I have the same problem! I have a off spot for pumps. While I love them, they aren’t practical all the time and then I realize I don’t own anything besides those and my running sneakers! Glad you are venturing out! It reminds me to do the same. As far as tour choices, I like them both, but I’m with InfiniteZip. Go with the bling!


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