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Some of my scars are neat, some are stretch marks and one was very necessary.

Most of us have them in some form or other, wether that be from weight gain or loss, accidents or surgeries, so why not embrace them. You are not defined by them but they are part of the fantastic form that is you.

It’s summer which means hot weather, shorts and vests. However, if you are conscious of scars it can mean having to wear long sleeved tops or unflattering cover-ups. You can end up feeling incredibly hot and awkward as well. So with that in mind, why not embrace your marks and choose not to faint with heat exhaustion!

So many blokes when asked if they have any scars will proudly show you. It’s either “How cool/gross is this!” or “I don’t know how I got through that, it was EXTREME!”

I think that is a great attitude to have, don’t you?

Story of my scars: Over eye scar from head butting a rock from running & skidding on gravel- lucky it was just my brow bone. Scar under nose from ridding a bike like a maniac (without a helmet) whilst going around a corner also on gravel – taught me to stop being so bloody reckless! Scar going from middle back around left side of my front from heart operation that saved my life. Scar just below elbow from aforementioned gravel slide which taught me how to patch myself up and looks pretty cool. I have scars from breast reduction surgery that I’m not as confident about but at age 20 measuring a tiny 32″ around and a massive E cup, my confidence and my back were seriously struggling! So I’m glad those scars are there.

Chrissie xx

4 responses to “Scars Are Your Survival Marks”

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  2. breigeflynn Avatar

    I have a few scars, they don’t really bother me. 2 from a car crash (upper left arm and right wrist, that 2nd one only bothers me as I don’t want people noticing it and thinking it’s self inflicted!), one on my chin from a the breakdance move ‘the worm’ going wrong, resulting in me busting my chin open! Think I have one or two small chicken pox scars that I barely ever notice, tiny appendix removal scars that I also don’t notice and finally I have a scar on my lip. You don’t really see it, it’s just mainly scar tissue, but I can feel the difference from between both sides.

    It’s funny, I don’t think I would have thought I’d have this many scars! And they all have different stories. I don’t get self conscious of them but I can see why some people do.


  3. Kajsa Josephine Avatar

    It´s fun with those scars you have no idea about what happened, also.


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