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This is a for when you want that summer radiance without appearing to ‘done’ or formal. This is also a good look to balance out a statement lip. I think the dark golden-almost-green metallic colour works well for green, hazel or brown eyes.


I used Dainty Doll eyeshadow base on my eyelids first.

I lightly brushed on Glam Colour Cosmetics in Antique Gold (vegan and BUAV approved) around my eyes and then used a wet round ended brush to go over the outer edges and underneath the eye for a deeper more solid colour. I blended the corners with my finger as I wanted a rounded wash of colour.



I applied three coats of New CID Cosmetics mascara in black, without letting each coat dry. The wand really separates lashes and the glossy black mascara coats them thoroughly without any clumping at all so you can build up the layers for your desired look.


I added one stroke of eye brow gel/clear mascara to the roots of my bottom lashes for definition. For evening I’d line my top and bottom lashes with a dark olive or forest green pencil.




2 responses to “Radiant Daytime Eye Look”

  1. Alkeme Beauty Avatar
    Alkeme Beauty

    I may or may not have come up with my own award and nominated you for it. Have fun?


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