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I was really pleased to receive an invite to Superdrugs make up masterclass because their own cosmetic line B. is BUAV (leaping bunny) approved, vegan and paraben free.

Celebrity makeup artist Cassie Lomas who has worked with Lady Gaga and Iggy Azalia as well as many UK stars walked us through an entire look, base, sculpting, browns, eyes and lips.

B. beauty class Cassie Lomas

I was really interested in brushing up on my sculpting skills and learning how to groom and fill in my eyebrows, which have gotten rather sparse since I hit my 30’s.


I learnt that contouring isn’t just about starting from the centre of your ear and continuing to sweep downward diagonally. Really, you only need to make a fairly small sweep fading out level with the corner-centre of your eye, depending on your face shape. Another tip Cassie told us was if you have a long face – like me – to not start too high up, otherwise you will be left with too much blank face at the bottom! The depth of the contouring (and whether you want to add a little to your temples) also depends on the individuals face shape. Pat highlighter onto cheek bones and down the centre of the nose and on to the cupid bow of the lips if you want them to appear fuller. I love that on the bottom of the B. Sculpting kit kit there is a little sticker with these instructions!



Here is the full kit which includes; Rich Intense Moisturising Colour Lipstick in Breeze £7.99; B. Defined Brow Kit (available in light and dark) £9.99; B. Stunning Eye Vibrant Shimmer in Tropic £6.99; B. Limited Edition Palette in Pop £6.99; B. Precise Longwear Gel Eyelinner £6.99; B. Sculpted Contour Kit (available in light, medium, dark) £10.49; B. Confident C.C. Cream SPF 45 £5.47 (available in light and medium).

B. Cosmetics Superdrug

After I’d kindly been sent some suitable shades for me (darker than what we were experimenting with) I created my B Selfie Ready look at home. In this picture the left side of my face is bear and the right is made up so you can cover both sides and see the contrast. Try it!


The B. Sculpted Contour kit is a fantastic mix of subtle coloured powder and creamy highlighter which is totally unique and works so well.

The B. Confident CC Cream gives medium coverage hiding any redness, while keeping your skin looking radiant. Plus it has that essential SPF.

The lip colour is indeed moisturising and just glides on with a good depth of colour and is my perfect nude shade actually!

Eye Vibrant Shimmer in Tropic is such a beautiful colour and when layered with the same shade of powder has an amazing depth of colour and staying power. A fab tip from Cassie: When getting near the brow bone if you have to much product on your lids, push it downward so as to leave room for high lighter above it.

Gel Eyelinner is tricky to apply but gives bold long lasting results. More forgiving of an unsteady hand than liquid liner and slightly smudge able like kohl. To get the best out of this you pull the lid taught and sketch in your line (flicks should start from the outer edge and go inward) and then once you have the right shape you load up the little brush and really go for it!

B. Defined Brow Kit includes two shades of colour, a wax and a highlighter for under your brow bone. As my brows are black I could have used the darker kit but using the darkest shade in this kit lightened my brows, making them compliment my hair more and look less fierce. The little come and stiff angled brush were perfect for the job.Cassie told us to make the mid part of the brow the strongest and to fade out slightly toward the middle for a more natural finish.


Working with highlighter in the inner corners, a wash of Vibrant shimmer all over and the blue shade from the Pop palette in the corners and the crease for a little depth. Unfortunately my camera doesn’t capture cream eyeshadow too well.

If you have heavy lids or mono lids, a big fancy flick can look disjointed when you open your eyes. Either draw a subtle line or a short chunky flick to open up the eyes. It’s easier if you apply the upper half of the colour with your eyes open so you can see just how high it needs to go, compared to what you might expect when your lid is closed. There have been many times when I’ve spent ages following a detailed tutorial only to open my eyes and have all my handwork disappear into the crease of my eyes!


9 responses to “B. Make-up Master Class & Products”

  1. Avatar

    Ive had a look through my makeup found some shadows and highlight cream that should be able to use. Im going to try and contour/highlight with them. Makeup practice time 😊


    1. Manchester Flick Chick (Chrissie) Avatar

      Good luck and remember it’s just simple face painting really – have fun! By the way, I didn’t define my chin which I do nowadays ☺


  2. Avatar

    Looks great id love some makeup lessons. Sometimes im really happy with my makeup usually when im home bored practising and nights out i never can get it right.
    Must try this contouring lark too!
    i really love the eyeshadow such a lovely shade.


    1. Manchester Flick Chick (Chrissie) Avatar

      Thank you. It really makes a tan pop. I’m so used to contouring I’d got used to it so it was a surprise to compare both sides!


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    […] B. Makeup Master Class and Product Review – I learn how to contour for my face shape, how to layer powder and cream eyeshadow for staying power, I’m reminded that ‘medium’ is indeed too light for my skin tone and that gel eyelinner is tricky but worth it. […]


  4. Notmyyearoff Avatar

    It sounds like a really brilliant day, I would love to know how to put make up on properly, especially eye shadow. I’m pretty sure I just fluke it. And contouring always has me a bit mystified!


    1. manchesterflickchick Avatar

      It was less than an hour but somehow Cassie managed to cover it all for everyone! Best tip: Get a fluffy brush and blend! Blend! Blend! I hope the Contouring & eyeshadow descriptions/pictures help you :0)


  5. Kajsa Josephine Avatar

    The natural look suits you, happy weekend!


    1. manchesterflickchick Avatar

      Thanks, so it turns out turquoise does look pretty natural when you have green eyes!


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