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This month has zoomed by so fast it!

I’ve Been Drinking…

Ale recently (thanks to various beer festivals in Manchester!) and discovered I like pale ale (IPA’s) that have a slight nutty taste but aren’t too hoppy. This McEwan’s Champion is a really light, easily drinkable one.


Something I’ve learned…

On a washing machine the ‘crease guard’ function does the same job as the ‘rinse hold’ button, meaning if you open the door at that point the water will come flooding out and it’s a LOT of water!

I’ve Been Collaborating With…

I was invited by Lime Venue Portfolioto collaborate on a map of all of my fave places in Manchester that are worth a visit. I’d been thinking of doing this in some form for some time. I chose cultural places including Whitworth Art Gallery, great places to eat for all budgets, interesting areas to visit like China Town, places to shop featuring some unusual places with a long Manc history such as Affleck’s and Kingbee Records and places to grab a beer and watch a band at the end of a busy day including Band On The Wall. Everything within a five mile radius of the town centre.

Things to do in Manchester

Blogging Events…

I was invited to a fabulous make up master class by wonderful makeup artist Cassie Lomas at Superdrug in the Arndale, using their cruelty free B. products.

I got invited to the Disaronno Terrace event outside the Oast House and learned that I love a Disaronno Sour as it’s refreshing and not too sickly, meaning I can have lots of them!

I’ve Been Cheating Eating….

Chocolate covered pretzels! Who remembers these from the 90’s?


Now the seasons are changing here’s my sensible comfort food…

Vegan Red Pesto with wheat free pasta and to warm me up and cups of miso soup. The paste which you refrigerate contains live cultures (friendly bacteria) which aid digestion. I should have checked the fridges at the deli – doh!

Break through….

Along with Vit B12 shots I’ve been prescribed vitamin D supplements as I’ve been found to have the lowest level of bit D the haematologist had ever seen. Not that I’m boasting ;0)

This means I’ll finally be able to absorb calcium and my joints & spine will be stronger, and I will be able to develop more muscle to support them. It also means I will have better neuromuscular function – so no more twitches of my nerves or crappy co-ordination/fumbling things – hurrah!

D deficiency and B12 deficiency and eating wheat and dairy (especially if intolerant to it) and consuming too much alcohol (which I did throughout my early teens and 20’s) vastly contributes to inflammation on the brain (which worryingly showed up in my scan 12 months ago), which in turn can contribute to ADD & ADHD, which I’ve had all of the symptoms of since childhood and still have. Although 15 months later I’m still waiting for an official diagnoses. It all makes sense now! I’ve found some brilliant eating plans for reducing brain inflammation and clever coping strategies for ADHD online. All of that research took less than an hour!

Camera’s POV…

My Panasonic Lumix has a touch screen which you can swipe through to review pictures or press to take a shot. It’s highly sensitive and just clicks away as if by it’s self constantly. Sometimes I get some random points of view that I quite like.



Guilty Confession….

I bought more black boots! But they were both – yes both – in the sale – well, I know one pair was. Plus, both of my old one’s fell apart!

What’s your guilty confession this month?

What have you learned?

What new yumminess have you discovered?

2 responses to “Monthly Round-up”

  1. Kajsa Josephine Avatar

    Those chocolate covered pretzels looks tempting, its Friday so I guess anything sweet is allowed 🙂 Happy weekend!


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