Review: Murad Rapid Collagen Infusion. Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture for eyes. Blemish Treatment Concealer.




I discovered an offer to get two sample sized and one full sized freebie when purchasing anything from Murad. I’d been looking for a medicated concealer for a while so I pleased to learn Dr Murad is a leading Dermatologist covering all areas, with an extensive problem skin range.

Murad Rapid Collagen Infusion, Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture for eyes & Blemish Treatment Concealer.

Rapid Collagen Infusion ‘reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in 2 hours’. Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisturiser ‘Immediate hydration that firms and awakens the delicate eye area.’ Both part of the Age Reform range. Blemish Treatment Concealer. I also received a full sized Intensive-C Radiance Peel, which I’ll review separately.



Ok I know it says ‘fine’ lines and these are more like crevasses (I was hung over and quite bloated) so it was quite an extreme test! I was angled slightly to the side but that isn’t exaggerating these babies, I assure you!




2 hours later and I’m impressed! There is a definite softening and plumping of the lines. So much so, The Bloke just asked what magic makeup I’d used and (apart from a little concealer on the centre of my forehead) I was bare-faced! I really hope the radiance peel is as effective. I’m glad I got the other items free as the concealer in ‘Medium’ turned out to be a shade too light for my pale olive/yellow toned skin and that’s the darkest they do! I love the creamy consistency of it though and It’s not too oily or too drying like some others I’ve used, so I would recommend it.

9 thoughts on “Review: Murad Rapid Collagen Infusion. Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture for eyes. Blemish Treatment Concealer.

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    • Thanks Sherri, I always try to mix it up a bit :0) I was quite stressed a fortnight ago, I’m fine now but it’s been a struggle with my concentration when reading/commenting on blog posts. I’ve been watching lots of episodes of Bones. How about you, hon?

      • I don’t really watch TV I keep the news on when I am on my computer…I have a lot of online stores and I belong to artist communities where we sell our work and I have a group that I feature and that all keeps me so busy and then I have 4 blogs..all to much plus my husband and family I hardly ever sleep and I have my nitesmixed up with my…sometimes I fall asleep at the computer…..thats why I don’t get to you as often as I would like…because you do have a real nice blog..and interesting.
        do you watch the news Manchester?, I know my kids say don’t watch the news mom its all negative…guess what they are right..
        Sherri, write soon or write me email

      • 4 blogs! Me and the bloke are unemployed and have broken sleep so often get confused with the days and nights. I get my bloke to filter the (bad) news for me and my Mum has always done the same with my Dad, ha! Reading/replying to blogs sucks you into a time warp ;0)

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