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When I saw Cosmopolitan magazine where giving away my fave polish brand I grabbed a copy quick! There’s gold, red, hot pink and this nude to choose from. I’ve been trying to find a good nude for a while that doesn’t have a solid candy finish.

Orly Sheer Nude nail polish


As the name suggests this is very sheer and you just need one thin coat to get a subtle French nail effect. Any further coats will look odd. I know, I tried.

Orly 'sheer nude' nail polish



Classic colour and finish

Fills ridges surprisingly well

Quick drying

Has a really mild scent so no complaints from other people in the room


it’s only sample sized :0(


4 responses to “The Perfect Nude Polish! Orly ‘Sheer Nude’”

  1. Eva V. Avatar
    Eva V.

    Extra happy to hear there are nail polishes with a mild scent 🙂


  2. Kajsa Josephine Avatar

    Nude is wonderful for the everyday look.


    1. manchesterflickchick Avatar

      Especially if you often forget to buy remover ;0)


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