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September Monthly Round-up

On the blog this month there’s been style…

Alternative 80’s & 90’s Film & TV Style Icons  the first in a series.

Street style in sorbet shades

A softer rock-chick look 

Beauty reviews…

Younique amazing Moodstruck fibre mascara, mineral pigments & lip gloss

Orly polish in Sheer Nude

Murad Rapid Collagen Infusion

And of course lifestyle…

Are You Being Too Nice  where I ponder how constantly being a good person can sometimes be a bad thing!

Foods Which Reduce Inflammation came from my own health concerns but seeing as inflammation can be the cause and the symptom of many different problems, I thought I would share foods to introduce and to avoid.

I try my hand at crafting with the simplest kit I can find and I actually enjoy it!

I’m so gutted to hear that Company magazine has been cancelled and they will only be online from now on. I liked the feel of the semi-matt paper and I thought the graphic art work made the mag resemble an art students journal. I’m keeping hold of my last copy and wish I’d kept the rest now!


I donated a bag of stuff to the Manchester women’s shelter – well their head quarters. It started off with clothes and shoes me and my Mum were taking to the charity shop and her saying she wished she could just hand it to people who really needed it. Then I realised I had a massive amount of spare products like moisturiser, exfoliator, body butter etc. that had either been sent to me for review or didn’t suit me. Women’s Aid also accepts barely used make-up to cover bruises and help women feel confident in interviews. Then a toothbrush got added to the bag and some socks and so on, until we had a massive bag! We have a basket under the living room table now to put anything in we don’t use.


The Bloke found this Waterfront Merlot – a combination of plum, black cherry and dark chocolate – on sale in Tesco. He knows that I like reds which are slightly sweet with a little spice and rich flavours. This was delicious but rather heavy so I only had two glasses.

blue ruin

I watched a good indie film called Blue Ruin about a homeless man that left his family in tragic circumstances. He’s out for vengeance but soon realises this entails so much more than he first thought. The film has a relaxed pace at first but the it picks up as the story is revealed. There is action throughout but this film is more of a character study, which I liked.

2 responses to “September Monthly Round-up”

  1. Notmyyearoff Avatar

    Ahh shame about Company magazine, I used to love flicking through it on the train.


  2. Kajsa Josephine Avatar

    Didn´t know Company got canceled, the magazine is great I agree.


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