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I found this tag on Beauty Expression by Luchesa‘s blog and I’m in need of some motivation right now, so I thought I’d join in. I’ve missed the 1st so I’ll include that prompt as well.

#Blogtober Day 1- If You Won The Lottery…

It’s just occurred to me that the people I love are pretty happy with were they are in life and what they have. I’d get my Mum and Dad a nice bungalow in a nicer area. I’d buy myself a little place, even though I know I’d hardly be there most of the time. More of a giant walk-in wardrobe then, with a TV, a games console, a mini fridge and sofa. The kitchen would have a fridge, a microwave, and counters to rest my Ocado deliveries and takeaways on, ha!

I’d get pretty much every food, jewellery and makeup subscription box available, every month.

I’d give a load of money away to small charities that are struggling.

Now to enjoy! I’d take The Bloke with me to Hawaii. I’d pay a brilliant PA to make all of travel arrangements and a (very flexible) itinerary and also a local guide as well. No getting stressed or lost – ace! I’d also do the same for where The Bloke wanted to go, of course.

Then I’d invest the rest.

#Blogtober Day 2- Dream Job When You Were Little?

Me: A vet!

Mum: Commendable profession but can you deal with seeing animals in pain and making tough decisions?

Me: A pet minder!

Mum: Well, I’d like to do that! Is that really a job?

Me: Only small-ish dogs… That are really well behaved…That aren’t the yappy kind.

Mum: So your flexible then.

Me: An artist!

Mum: So you’re planning on living with us for a very long time then?

Me: A marine biologist!

Mum: That job does sound really interesting but you…

Me: I’m scared of crabs yes, and the fact I sink easily in water might be a problem.

Me: A snow boarding instructor!

Mum: You will need a lot of patience with people. (gives me a pointed look)

Me: A stunt woman!

Mum: You’re able trip over your own feet when standing still, love.

Me: A fighter pilot!

Mum: I’m leaving the room now.

This is how many of these conversations went with my Mum from the ages of six through to sixteen.

My parents supported me with whatever mad notion I came up with, to be fair.

I still have no idea.

Tomorrows prompt: One Thing You Can’t Live Without?






8 responses to “#Blogtober14 Day 1 – If You Won The Lottery. Day 2 – Dream Job When You Were Little”

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  3. Somdyuti D. Ray Avatar

    I totally want to buy a big walk-in wardrobe. Why didn’t I think of it sooner? And stunt-woman sounds crazy awesome. Like really really awesome. 😀
    Love, Somdyuti


    1. manchesterflickchick Avatar

      I think you need a big alcove you are able to walk in unfortunately! I did some serious research and it turns out you need 6-8 (bad memory) separate disciplines to be a stunt person 😳


  4. Luchessa Avatar

    Hahaha your job ideas were fabulous. I hope you can figure out what you want to do in the future. And don’t forget to have fun along the way. 😉
    ps: A stunt woman was my personal favorite! 😉


    1. manchesterflickchick Avatar

      😁 I think that’s why I don’t have a career because I’ve had too much fun along the way! Maybe something simple part-time combined with being self employed doing something I love the rest of the time.


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