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#Blogtober Day 7 – Best/Worst Vacations


I’m going to tell you a short story about a bad holiday which was partly my own fault.

The location: Some island off the coast of Greece in my early-mid 20’s.

The friend: One person who I considered my best mate. She could be a little self absorbed sometimes and loved male attention but she was loads of fun and had a good heart. We got chatting to a group of lads (which made no effort to interact with me) in the same hotel and a sister and brother who were there with their parents.

The men: My friend started a holiday romance with the son of the couple who owned the complex. As well as a night club owner. I don’t remember many times during the day when we weren’t around the pool with me feeling bored to bits while my friend sat and flirted with the couples son. Even when we (me, her, him) went to a beach party she wanted to spend half of it sitting chatting with him – even though she much preferred the club owner! We did get free drinks and a lift home from the club owner most nights though, which was cool. One night she at his somewhere and he didn’t drive her back until tea time the next day. Her phone was just ringing out and I was worried sick that something had happened to her on the other side of the island. The couple who owned the complex, who’s son she was supposedly dating kept glaring at me and asking me who she’d stayed out with.

I met an English barman at the local bar and we instantly clicked, which doesn’t always happen so easily. We made plans to to borrow a mates scooter and to go for a picnic the next day. Then I remembered my me, my mate and the girl had made plans to go on a boat trip the next day. I was gutted! When I told my mate later that night she said “Are you mad!? You should go!” She walked me back to the bar so I could let him no but he was surrounded by the entire bar staff and their friends eating a meal at a massive table. I bottled it and just walked past.

What I learned: I can’t heap all of the blame on my man mad mate. I could have tried harder to befriend the girl who was with her parents as she was also bored at just staying around the pool. I could have relaxed on the beach by myself with a book and a cocktail. I should have gone on the romantic pic-nic. I should have been brave and walked up to that table. I should have asked the the group of guys at the complex out-right why they were so apathetic toward me and told them not to worry, I didn’t fancy any of them anyway. The girl was clinging desperately to one of their mates, so they were probably a tad nervous I’d try and do the same.

Basically, I let myself have a shitty holiday, then resented everyone else for it!



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