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#Blogtober Day 9 – Best/WORST Halloween Memory


It was a mates leaving do and it was a few days before Halloween. It wasn’t a fancy dress party but I thought I’d add some cat ears to my outfit for a bit of fun. If you have followed this blog you will know my outfits can sometimes be pretty rock chick, with leather and lace and arm cuffs/gloves etc. I’d recently bought some leather shorts which I wore with wet look leggings. It was a party and I wanted to look glam for a change, so I chose a corset and some heels (knee high boots were the only ones that I had at the time). I looked like a sexy goth bitch, which I was pleased about.


Two words. Cat Women. I spent the first hour explaining to people that yes, I know it’s not a fancy dress party. No, I’m not actually wearing fancy dress, apart from the ears (which I removed before more guests arrived). Yes, this is my usual style just glammed up a bit. No the shredded gloves aren’t part of the perceived costume, I often wear them with vests, skinny jeans and boots. The weird thing was The Bloke didn’t say a word about my chosen outfit, even though he saw me in it about half an hour before everyone else. Then just to finish it off I leaned over and my boobs fell out.

The party was ace though!

I suppose if you are going to have a major style miss-judgement and a wardrobe malfunction, you might as well remind people of one of DC Comics most loved femme fetale’s while doing so.

4 responses to “#Blogtober Day 9 – Best/WORST Halloween Memory”

  1. Lesley Avatar

    Your outfit sounds BRILLIANT!!!


    1. manchesterflickchick Avatar

      Ha, thank you sweetie! :0D


  2. Kajsa Josephine Avatar

    Edgy is my style, so you look great.


    1. manchesterflickchick Avatar

      Thanks chick. They were just boring peeps :0D I know, you should do more #OOTD posts, your style is cool.


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