OOTD The Perfect Rockabilly Dress

When Fancy Dress Queen asked me to style and review a dress I almost declined. Me in a dress!? I’d not worn a dress since I used to go clubbing five years ago and I was a lot slimmer in certain places. It had to suit my style (obviously not too girly) and my shape. I was so happy to find out they stocked lots of 50’s Rockabilly dresses and this particular one with a skull and roses print – perfect!

skull and roses 50's Rockabilly dress

skull and roses 50's Rockabilly dress

I’ve never worn anything like this before and I absolutely adore it. Sexy, rock n’ roll but flattering and pretty! Who knew I had a waist and hips! Sorry I’m gushing but I feel like a bad-ass Marilyn Monroe in this dress, ha!

skull and roses 50's Rockabilly dress

skull and roses 50's Rockabilly dress

This skirt would look great with black netting underneath for even more volume – especially if you wanted to look like you were going  swing or jive dancing. I was surprised to find the length of the skirt still flatters legs even when wearing flats so whopping great heels aren’t needed. Red lips and bold brows are an essential though, of course.

skull and roses 50's Rockabilly dress

As you can see the back is traditionally low but the lacing ensures that it stays fitted and doesn’t slip. This is the red accented version of the dress but I replaced the red waist ribbon with a black satin look belt. As you know I’m not one for bows and ribbons every where.

skull and roses 50's Rockabilly dress

You could definitely wear this to a Halloween party if you were embarrassed to wear an excessively obvious costume. This dress is so me however, I’m going to wear it out for drinks or to an event or a house party – any excuse really!

Chrissie xx

8 thoughts on “OOTD The Perfect Rockabilly Dress

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  3. Now look at you in a dress guuurl! You should def go & get yourself more of them. Now during fall there are so many different style, that you can wear with boots, if you don’t want to go for the fancy look. Something like a knitted type of dresses is a great alternative to jeans on the daily basis. Don’t you think?
    Glad to read, you’re going to wear that dress out and give it the spin it deserves 😉


    • :0D I’m going to get some kitten heels to go with. At 5.9″ jumper dresses show my mum cheeks! But I get what you mean, ha! I’ve been noticing lots of simple A-line dresses with graphic prints around, which would look cool with ankle boots for day x


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