Who’d Play You In A Movie #Blogtober14 Day 26

I’d been on IMDb for ages and the only actresses I could find who looked like me were black, just a tad inaccurate then, ha!

Then I remembered a great young actress called Sarah Jeffery who plays Thandie Newtons daughter in the series Rougue. She looks really quite similar to me when I was about 13, same height and build as well.


As for who’d play me now, I’d say Mariah Carey as she looks without ten tones of makeup on…










The actress who I’d really love to play me – given a lot of artistic licence – it would have to be Michelle Rodriguez. Everyone says she picks the type of tough chick roles that I’d be auditioning for if I was an actress and I agree.


The green contact lenses would be out in force at this point!


Leave a comment, I love reading your opinions!

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