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October Monthly Round-up

Happy Halloween everyone! Is it just me or have the shops and the media been pushing Halloween since the start of October this year?

I’ve been watching…

The Leftovers a dark sci-fi show about 20% of the worlds population suddenly vanishing into thin air. The series staring Justin Theroux focuses on a fairly small town of people who are trying to get on with life three years later including a strange cult (that isn’t actually a cult). This can be quite dark at times but it is a good drama. I just hope the writers have a plan and it doesn’t take a Twin Peaks/Lost route.

Rougue now in it’s second series, features Thandie Newton as Grace travis an ex undercover agent turned ‘handler’ who chooses to go back under cover. We not only follow the very dysfunctional team but the back story of bad guys and we learn how rogue’s choices are effecting her fractured family.

I’ve been listening to…

Lulu James The Sweetest Thing – Robin Paris Remix
Lulu James The Sweetest Thing – Robin Paris Remix

I’ve been eating…

At Pizza Express (including review) which was a nice change from Thai and Indian food, which we normally have when we go out or order in.

I’ve discovered a blog called…

Super Space Chick a cool geek blog about sci-fi, fantasy, manga, gaming and style, created by the awesome Kristin.

I’ve been playing…

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes which is seriously solid if you play this on ‘Hard’ but a lot of fun on ‘Easy’ running around blowing up tanks with anti-aircraft guns and then blowing up the guns with C4 or rocket launchers. The graphics are exceptionally realistic looking, the gameplay slick and the missions are basic but gripping. Note: There is a really grizzly disturbing seen at the end of the first mission (that I can’t bear to watch) so be warned.

I’ve been posting…

My Alternative 80’s & 90’s Film & TV Style Icons series.

I was sent the perfect Rockabilly style dress for me.

I’ve found the best cookbooks for absolute beginners.

I took part in Blogtober post prompts and read lots of others.

What I’ve learned…

No matter how old and how many times your blue jeans have been washed, there is still enough dye in them to make your whites look a lovely pastel blue colour. It actually brightened some of them up, which wasn’t so bad.

Chrissie xx


4 responses to “October Monthly Round-up”

  1. Notmyyearoff Avatar

    I haven;’t been to Pizza express in so long. I think I need to change that!


    1. manchesterflickchick Avatar

      It’s so much nicer than pizza hut.


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