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Beauty products by The Cornish Seaweed Company


I have used a seaweed moisturiser and face mask before but I’ve never used genuine unrefined seaweed soaked in water before. A big thank you to The Cornish Seaweed Company for sending me lovely artisan products to try.

Seaweed Bath Bag x2 – Fucus serratus & Fucus vesciculosus seaweeds

‘One of the great brown seaweeds bursting with vital vitamins and minerals: particularly A,C,E fucoidan and antioxidants. The deeply detoxifying , naturally softening and toning properties of this seaweed have been used for centuries in Algo and Thalasso therapies.’

‘Popular in Japanese baths for it’s reputation to lift excess fat deposits , increase circulation and promote an easy flow of oxygen and nutrients from deep within the skin, in turn helping to keep cellulite at bay.’


I filled my bath with several inches of hot water and placed in the muslin bag and let it soak for 20 minutes as instructed. I then filled the rest of the bath up. I raised my limbs out of the water and massaged out all of the seaweedy goodness onto my skin in circular motions. I kept on dunking the bag back in the water quickly to get more moisture. I then left the bag in the water and relaxed for an hour.


The instructions say ‘take 4-8 baths per month. Do not exceed three baths a week.’ For someone who usually has a shower, that’s a lot of baths!

The result…

I deliberately didn’t add my usual essential oils to my bath or any Epsom salts. I even went hardcore and didn’t moisturise my skin afterward as I really wanted to test the results. My skin felt totally moisturised (even my leg and feet which are usually very dry) and because the muslin is a little rough it had exfoliated my skin effectively. I noticed my ankles were slightly puffy with water retention before my bath but not afterward. The little bit of cellulite that I have looked slightly smoother as if more even. All very impressive. Now I understand why someone would want 3 baths a week, ha!

Seaweed Poultice For The Face x4 – Irish Moss seaweed

‘Bursting with vital vitamins and minerals including A, E and K, Irish Moss is traditionally used for it’s moisturising properties to sooth and cool the skin as well as relieve sunburn and eczema.’


As instructed I soaked this in a small dish of hot water for 20 minutes and then gently massaged my face and neck, making sure to avoid my eyes. I started to think this could benefit from having a little more seaweed in, however after I left it on the sink for a moment and squeezed the bag again, it felt more slippery so I massaged under my chin as well.

The result…

Normally when I get out of the bath my face is really flushed because of the heat and any bath products I’ve put in there, not this time! My skin tone was normal and even, my skin felt moisturised and my T-zone exfoliated. My double chin hasn’t miraculously disappeared but my jaw line seems to be more defined at the sides. Three hours later and my skin is still non-greasy and looks smoother – great news for my old acne scars!

Seaweed Eye Patches x3 – Kombu seaweed

‘Our Kombu is bursting with vitamins and minerals, particularly A, C & E. It also aids the body’s natural production of collagen, helping to keep skin looking youthful and fresh. In traditional Japanese baths Kombu is used to detox the system, helping to rid your body of toxins.’


This is where it gets real, these patches of seaweed have a really floppy slippery texture when soaked for 10 minutes – actually I forgot about them and soaked them for 20. The instructions suggested placing them over eyes and relaxing for 30 minutes. I’m a really restless person but I managed 20 minutes.

They kept on sliding off my face every time I moved my head a centimetre (I should have rescued them from the water when they were smaller and more manageable) and they smelled really strongly. The Bloke thought all of this was hilarious but after the slimy little things dropped onto my pillow for the third time, he kindly fetched me a damp flannel to hold them in place and a towel to rest my head on.

The result…

My permanent under eye bags haven’t shifted but they appear a little more taught and my brow bone and eyelid area isn’t as puffy making me look rested, a bonus I wasn’t expecting.


That night I ate a pizza which always bloats me and gives me under eye bags but the next day I was bag free – amazing!


The Cornish Seaweed Company are a tiny independent company who use all recycled cardboard packaging with such attention to detail on their labelling and their seaweed is sustainably harvested on local Cornish beaches by hand. These seaweeds and methods are also available as spar treatments at St Enodoc Hotel, The Headland Hotel Newquay and St Micheals Falmouth.

Chrissie XX


7 responses to “Skincare Review – The Cornish Seaweed Company”

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  4. englishrosefrommanchester Avatar

    Wow these products sound amazing! I love beauty products from independent companies – the packaging always looks so appealling. I’ll have to check them out!
    Jen x


    1. manchesterflickchick Avatar

      They have these little tabs on the side so you can just roll it back up and fasten them. Simple but very clever!


  5. Lorna Mai (@LornaMaiLtd) Avatar

    I would so like to try this! I have heard good things before about seaweed in beauty products but never actually come across anything before. Those eye masks sound perfect, maybe best to try in the bath though!


    1. manchesterflickchick Avatar

      Right yes! Never even thought – duh. Then you could just chuck them in the water after to do your skin good.


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