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November Monthly Round-up

This month I’ve been…

Oddly festive already! I always know when I’m really happy as I get into the Xmas spirit really early. I spontaneously bought the nut roast, mince pies and free-from custard me and my Mum will be eating for Xmas dinner.

I’ve even bought everyone’s presents – ok I’m only buying for two but still. I deliberately avoided the insanity of Black Friday – I’ll leave that to the Americans – but someone I know missed out on a £100 discount because they didn’t bother to shop around that day online!

The only event I can imagine shleping out into a cold, dark evening for is an event by one of the shops I adore right in the middle of town, so I think the hibernation instinct has truly kicked it.


Extant a series about a woman (Halley Berry) who returns from space pregnant and has to deal with an alien and the people who planned the close encounter, with the help of her husband, best friend and adopted son, who’s an adorable android by the way.

The Lottery
This show driven by a strong female cast is centred around a lottery wannabe mums going to get the chance to carry the first baby to exist for around 6 years. Obviously there are a lot of shady, murderous politics going on in the background, meaning lots of expositional dialogue that you will be glad of.

Listening to…

Fats Waller the 30’s/40’s jazz singer and pianist. I heard a remixed song of his over a video from The Guardian about a lamb chop being launched into space. No I’m not on drugs, I promise. His songs range from the gimmicky and rather shallow ‘All That Meat and No Potatoes’ (I leave it up to you to find out the meaning) to the beautiful ‘When Somebody Thinks You’re Wonderful’


I’m making it my purpose to bring girly touches to my usual uniform of grunge this winter. I’ve even bought a pale pink sparkly jumper – maybe someone has been slipping something in my tea ;0) I’ve been tracking down stylish wide fitting boots and fabulous party flats for the coming months. Not forgetting a very fun fashion moment – logo tops with ‘tude.


Er, lots of seaweed, ha! I’ve been trying out different types thanks to The Cornish Seaweed Company (review here) and I’ve also been taking kelp supplements for a fortnight, which I’ll blog about when I’ve finished them. I’m not joking when I say I feel like I’m sharper and more alert as if my attention span has improved already! Lot’s of yummy dairy and gluten free snacks. Here’s the list.

Using these beauty products…

A week ago I ordered a Proactiv+ starter kit as I want to get my combination skin under control in a quick and simple way – review coming up in a few weeks. Seaweed bath bags, eyepatches and a soothing, moisturising poultice for the face by, you guessed it The Cornish Seaweed Company. Here’s the review. I highly recommend the M&S Lemon Verbena Body Butter (an early christmas prezzie) which I reviewed.


That I can wear cartoon tees, things with hearts on, fluffy jumpers, chunky shiny PVC trainers and animal print bags at my age, without looking childish or crazy as long as I balance them with a few neutrals and don’t wear them all together obv.

I’ve gotten pretty good at blogging on a budget over the years.

Chrissie xx

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  1. Kajsa Josephine Avatar

    Hope you get a fab December also! Just around the corner! 🙂


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