Fifteen Festive Favourites Tag


Favourite Festive Food
Ferrero Rocher for breakfast!

Favourite Reindeer
It has to be Rudolph because he was a victim of bullying but his supposed disability became his advantage. However I thought he was a tad needy not to tell the other narrow minded reindeers to shove their sudden friendship and invites to ‘reindeer games’ ;0)

Favourite Day Of Christmas
Right at the start of Christmas day, when I wake up from whatever crazy dream I’ve been having and happily realise what day it is.

Favourite Christmas Song

I think this is the most relatable and contemporary festive song I know. Plus I love singing along to it as I think the words are really honest.

I do like that nostalgic feeling of being a teen that East17’s Stay gives me but the lyrics aren’t actually about Christmas.

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas always makes me emotional if it’s in a film. Beautiful old song.

Favourite Christmas Present
When the film E.T came out I begged my parents for the official and very cute pleather covered toy which sold out instantly. A neighbour saw the devastated look on my face and gave me her kids E.T. toy (who wasn’t remotely arsed about it) and that made my whole year!







Favourite Festive Film
Home Alone. The first full on slapstick comedy I’d ever seen. I watched it with my cousin as a kid and it made her cringe but I found the unapologetic violence directed at the baddies hilarious, hehee!

And now there is Elf…

Favourite Festive Cracker Toy
When I was a kid one year we got proper posh crackers and I won a miniature Philips head screw driver set and sharp fold up scissors. I still have both and use them frequently.

Favourite Cracker Joke
Q: What do you call a blind Reindeer?
A: No eyedeer.
Not one for the kids I guess.

Favourite Christmas Decoration
We had this angel with blonde fluffy hair and the older she got the more irreparably crazy her hair got and the more wonky her tinsel halo went but we loved her.
Now it’s the gel decorations that stick on the windows/mirrors.

Favourite Christmas Candle Scent
It has to be cinnamon as it’s the perfect balance between sweet and spicy. A lot of my perfumes have cinnamon notes.

Favourite Christmas TV Advert
I love/hate the John Lewis add where the kid realises his penguin is sad all alone and gets him a girlfriend for Xmas then you realise it’s actually his soft toys. I love it because it’s so sweet and cute but I hate it because it plays on your caring emotions to drive you to buy stuff. Plus one bloody penguin costs an astonishing amount to own (around Β£70) never mind two!

Favourite Festive Tradition
Eating chocolate & canapΓ©’s for brunch and opening presents such as fluffy socks, smellies, Jack Daniels/Sailor Jerries while The Snowman is on TV in the background. Me and my Mum always shed a tear when he melts :,0|

Place To Spend Christmas
As you can probably tell I spend it with my folks for most of the day and then go to The Blokes for the evening.

Favourite Christmas Fact
According to Will I Get A White Christmas we have a 50% chance of snow on Christmas day in Manchester, hmm. Maybe not my fave Xmas fact then, ha!

Favourite Snowman Accessory
A scarf. I like the irony.

Thank you to Keeley from Phat Cupcake for nominating me.

I nominate:
Eva – Head Like Soup
Tasha – Belleza Kisses
Claire – Six Degrees Of Harmony
Freda – This Luxe Life
Kajsa – KJAndersen

Have fun!

Chrissie xx

12 thoughts on “Fifteen Festive Favourites Tag

  1. What a lovely post. I really enjoyed reading it. Christmas is my favourite time of year ( I’m sure there’s a song in there somewhere) and your post started me thinking about our Christmas traditions – now I feel all warm and fluffy inside. Not a bad start to anyone’s Sunday. Thanks!


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