Party Fashion For Tall Women

Party Fashion For Tall Women
Party Fashion For Tall Women by manchester-flick-chick-blog featuring a white dress
ASOS black dress / ASOS white dress / ASOS bodycon dress / ASOS white dress / ASOS skater dress, $100 / Topshop black dress / ASOS lace top / Topshop tunic, $59 / MANGO short sleeve shirt, $31 / MANGO black jacket, $78 / MANGO white blazer, $39 / MANGO motorcycle jacket, $62 / Topshop romper / Topshop black skirt / Topshop black pants / Topshop clothing / MANGO romper jumpsuit, $47 / ASOS long skirt, $28
Even crop tops, playsuits and mini dresses are wearable from the ‘tall’ section of these brands and Mango has really generous leg and hem lengths.

5 responses to “Party Fashion For Tall Women”

  1. I’m not tall at all but there are some lovely items here!


    1. Thanks :0) I think most crop tops and mini dresses could do with being longer to be honest – unless worn by hobbits of course.


  2. You selected some fab pieces, this is a great selection to look fashionable 🙂 Happy Saturday!


    1. Ta hon. I wanted to incorporate a whole range of styles even things tall chicks normally can’t wear like playsuits, mini dresses and crop tops :0)


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    cool sweeti


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