Monthly Round Up – January

It has felt to me that January has been in two parts: The first where I was still in a slight Sailor Jerries and chocolate reindeer induced haze and the other where I was constantly taking pictures of gorgeous items then writing posts about them on my new laptop (I’m old skool – I don’t do tablets). I’ve already developed a little callous from clicking my track pad constantly. This obviously means I’m a proper writer now, right?



I’ve been watching… Gotham as you know I like quirky geek and goth things. So far the series has subtly introduced three well known characters but don’t expect a new character with an origin story true to the comics each week. Gotham is choosing to go it’s own way in that respect. I love that Sean Pertwee (Worzel Gummidge’s son) is playing a rather bad-ass version of Alfred the butler!

I’ve been listening to… Northern lad Ash Hunter’s debut album Rural Music and even though shoe gazey folk isn’t really my bag, I really the track Grand England it has that ol’ magic of making you feel nostalgic for a place you’ve never been.

I’ve been sniffing… Lola a perfume by Signature fragrances that is sexy, fruity and sweet thanks to these notes:

Top: African Orange Flower

Heart: Jasmine, Patchouli

Base: Cedar, Rose, White Honey

This is my personality in a scent basically! I can’t wait to buy one of their beautiful full sized cut glass bottles. The Bloke has also been on their site and is looking at buying a sample (for £4.95) of something he fancies.

I’ve been writing…For a new website aimed at female bloggers called The Click. This month I’ve written the feature ‘5 Unusual Sources Of Inspiration’ for anyone who’s got bloggers blog or who wants to vary their articles a little. I think I will be playing ‘the album game’ soon myself. I’m looking forward to writing next months article, the content of which I will keep as a surprise.

I’ve been blogging about…


Sci Fi Flicks To Watch Out For in 2015

Teen Films Worth Watching As A Grownup


Zuzka Natural Rosa Canina Body Butter


OOTD: Pretty Casual (get the pun there?)

Home – Not So Neutrals showing how a neutral palette can be interesting.

I’ve also wrote two summing up posts (one for 2014 and one for why I actually like Winter) which I’m not going to link to on this summing up post, otherwise it might interrupt the time space continuum and generate a black hole in the blogging world, or something.

Chrissie xx



Style – Animal Mad

Style - Animal Mad

Zuzka Natural Beauty (Botanicals) Rosa Canina Body Butter Review

Zuzka created by Susan Kohutova a qualified Beauty Specialist & Registered Medical Herbalist is founded on the principal of using herbs, plants and flowers in skin care and beauty to help all skin types. Susan has sensitive skin and allergies herself so all of the Zuzka products are natural and soothing.


I wish more products would bold chunky packaging like this as it’s so easy to see what the product is and which category it comes under (Botanicals is for mature skin), plus it’s easily recycled. This Zuzka Natural Beauty body butter (£24.99 for 250ml) containing organic cocoa and shea butter is incredibly rich and little bit goes a long way. Skin feels a little tacky afterward but not greasy and even the driest skin stays moisturised all day, so I’m going to be using this on my hands twice daily.

Zuzka Botanicals Body Butter  Zuzka Botanicals Body Butter


The Rosa Canina scent is absolutely beautiful – so delicate and feminine. It lasts for around an hour on the skin but is subtle enough not to clash with other products or perfumes. It actually reminds me of a scent from my childhood, which is really comforting and nostalgic :0)

This item was gifted to me for review purposes. This does not effect my opinion of the product.

Chrissie xx

Teen Films Worth Watching As A Grownup

Some things never get old!

Check out some awesome film news at the end of the list (23/01/14).

Superbad (2007) Comedy | Drama

Starring Jonha Hill, Michael Cera  Director Greg Mottola










The Hunger Games (2012) Action | Sci Fi

Starring Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth  Director Gary Ross

hunger gmes









Scream (1996) Satire | Horror

Starring Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox  Director Wes Craven










Step Up (2006) Dance | Drama

Starring Channing Tatum, Jenna Dewan  Director Anne Fletcher

step up









Thirteen (2003) Drama

Starring Evan Rachel Wood, Holly Hunter  Director Catherine Hardwick










The Maze Runner  (2014) Action | Sci Fi

Starring Dylan O’Brien, Will Poulter  Director Wes Ball










Heathers (1988) Black Comedy | Romance

Starring Wynona Ryder, Christian Slater  Director Michael Lehmann










Juno (2007) Comedy | Drama | Romance

Starring Ellen Page, Michael Cera  Director Diablo Cody










Clueless (1995) Comedy | Romance

Starring Alicia Silverstone, Brittany Murphy  Director Amy Heckerling











Final Destination (2000) Horror

Starring Devon Sawa, Ali Larter  Director James Wong

final destiation









Mean Girls (2004) Comedy

Starring Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams  Director Mark Waters

mean girls









Adventureland (2009) Comedy | Drama | Romance

Starring Jesse Eisenberg, Kristen Stewart  Director Greg Mottola










10 Things I Hate About You (1999) Comedy | Drama | Romance

Starring Heath Ledger, Julia Stiles  Director Gil Junger

10 things









Less Than Zero (1987) Drama

Starring Rober Downey Jr., Andrew McCarthy  Director Marek Kanievska

les than









Never Been Kissed (1999) Comedy | Romance | Drama

Starring Drew Barrymore, Michael Vartan  Director Raja Gosnell

never been kissed









Road Trip (2000) Adventure | Comedy

Starring Breckin Meyer, Seann William Scott  Director Todd Phillips

Road trip









Perfect Sisters (2014) Drama | Black Comedy

Starring Abigail Breslin, Georgie Henley  Director Stanley M. Brooks

Perfect sisters









Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitters Dead (1991) Comedy

Starring Christina Applegate, Keith Coogan  Director Stephen Herek










Billy Elliott (2000) Comedy | Drama | Dance

Starring  Jamie Bell, Julie Walters  Director Stephen Daldry

billy eloit









Carrie (1976) Horror

Starring Sissy Spacek, Piper Laurie  Director Brain De Palma










Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging (2008) Comedy | Drama

Starring Georgia Groome, Aaron Taylor  Director Gurinder Chadha








Cruel Intentions (1999) Drama | Romance

Starring Ryan Phillippe, Sarah Michelle Gellar  Director Roger Kumble

cruel intentions









The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants (2005) Drama

Starring America Ferrera, Blake Lively  Director Ken Kwapis










American Pie (1999) Comedy

Starring Seann William Scott, Alyson Hannigan,  Director Paul Weitz

US pie









Ghost World (2001) Black Comedy | Drama

Staring Thora Birch, Scarlett Johansson, Steve Buscemi  Director Terry Zwigoff










Say Anything (1989) Drama | Romance | Comedy

Starring John Cusack, Ione Skye  Director Cameron Crowe

say anuth









Election (1999) Black Comedy | Drama

Starring Reese Witherspoon, Mathew Broderick  Director Alexander Payne








Pretty in Pink (1986) Drama | Romance | Comedy

Starring Molly Ringwald, Jon Cryer  Director Howard Deutch










Dead Poets Society (1989) Drama


Starring Robin Williams, Ethan Hawke  Director Peter Weir








Hairspray (1988) Comedy | Drama | Romance | Musical

Starring Sonny , Ruth Brown  Director John Waters










Empire Records (1995) Drama | Comedy

Starring Renee Zelleger, Liv Tyler  Director allan Moyle










Dangerous Minds (1995) Drama

Starring Michelle Pfeiffer, George Dzundza  Director John N Smith










Grease (1978) Romance | Comedy | Musical

Staring Olivia Newton-John, John Travolta  Director Randal Kleiser










Mallrats (1995) Comedy

Starring Jason Mewes, Kevin Smith  Director Kevin Smith










Freaky Friday (2003) Comedy

Starring Lindsay Lohan, Jamie Lee Curtis  Director Mark Waters










The Faculty (1998) Sci Fi | Horror

Starring Jordana Brewster, Josh Hartnett  Director Robert Rodriguez










Coach Carter (2005) Drama

Starring Samuel L Jackson, Channing Tatum  Director Thomas Carter

coach carter









A documentary called ‘Beyond Clueless’ by Charlie Lyne and narrated by Fairuza Balk (the coolest chick in The Craft remember?) has premiered, examining how teen films have played an important role in pop culture and how we relate to them. Featuring 200 films from cults to chick flicks the film covers a broad taste spectrum. I can’t wait to see this!

Chrissie xx


St Kitts Herbery: Luxury Beauty and Chocolate!

St Kitts Herbery was founded in 2001 by Susan and Paul Johnson at a cafe in Cornwall. The luxury skin care brand has since expanded and now includes chocolates handmade by their chocolatier in Cornwall, with a second store in Cardiff, Wales.


These chocolates tasted as wonderful as they look. Yes, past tense, they didn’t last that long. I never thought basil would work in chocolate but it did. Not overwhelming, not sweet or savoury, just perfectly balanced. My favourites were Lemon, a creamy white chocolate (the best white chocolate I’ve ever tasted) with a sharp but sweet flavour, Cinnamon milk chocolate with a very spicy kick, vanilla a deliciously sweet milk chocolate which reminded me of traditional ice cream and the rose dark chocolate which had a beautiful subtle rose flavour. The designs of the chocolates are so original with little envelope shapes and even Aztec prints.


Unfortunately for a luxury box of chocolates the label had been cut incorrectly, missing off several letters on the left side but the allergen information and descriptions were still understandable.


As you can see, the sleek black packaging of the products look sophisticated and are also easily recycled. This rosemary and bergamot hand wash (£11.95 for 200ml) is incredibly thick so it will last a long time and it moisturises my hands well. The product has a strong menthol-like scent which I’m not too keen on but my Dad really liked it, so it’s found a good home.

*Items sent to me for review purposes

Chrissie xx

Home – Not So Neutrals

Home - Not So Neutrals

5 Fandom Friday: My Favorite Things About Winter

Fandom Friday

Anyone who lives up North in the UK either develops SAD during the winter months or learns to like or at least appreciate winter. I used get really down with the dark mornings and evenings but now I realise I’m lucky to live somewhere that has seasons and I appreciate them all individually. Thanks to Super Space Chick and The Nerdy Girlie for creating 5 Fandom Friday.

1. Sometimes bleak can be beautiful

It really is worth going on holiday in winter, not abroad but to the countryside – especially to Scotland and Wales. They are equally beautiful in bright sunlight or cloudy shade. Me, the Bloke and some friends hired a cabin at the side of a loch and on one of the days we caught a cable car half way up mountain. I loved being at cloud level.

4006ft up Aonach Mor

2. Hot drink creations

Cinnamon tea, Egyptian spiced tea, ‘Chrissie’s special coffee’ milk and one sugar, hazelnut syrup with a little coffee added for flavour. Then there’s ‘Chrissie’s special soup’ which is a heaped teaspoon of bean miso paste, a heaped teaspoon of Bisto onion gravy, 2 generous pinches of seaweed flakes, a little glug of tamari (wheat free soy) sauce and 4 little splashes of Tabasco in a mug. Sometimes I use this pre-prepared one so I don’t offend guests noses!

Miso Soup

3. Staying all snuggly inside 

I love snuggling under a giant blanket with the Bloke and watching the rain on the windows and listening to the wind roar, while the trees dance outside.


4. Snow!

It’s rare that we get snow near in the centre of Manchester as it’s quite low and it only takes a little moisture to produce sleet rather than snow. When it does snow I immediately go straight into my local park. I love that it looks like there is a beautiful white blanket covering everything. I love the crunch of snow under my feet. I love snowball fights!

Cizzy in snow

5. I get to wear my new winter coat

The kind of coat that is so warm no matter what you wear underneath, it’s only for the coldest days. Here I am looking rather chuffed with my Christmas present…Oh, and Christmas of course!



Chrissie xx

It’s The Customer Service From Stores AND Their Couriers That Matter

The Bloke was in desperate need of a vacuum cleaner after I inadvertently killed the last one years ago, so the his first thought was to check out Appliances Online. He managed to find the vac he’d been researching earlier that was sold out everywhere else. Hurray! He placed the order without any trouble what so ever and was impressed with the super fast delivery time. AO was set up to bring items straight from the manufacturer to your door asap, without adding on an over inflated mark-up and a mystifying delivery time.

I agreed to be around to accept the delivery as The Bloke had to be else where. I opened the door to see the delivery guy from the couriers DPD drop the vac from a height of around two metres straight onto the floor! He looked me straight in the eye then laughed as he was telling me “Oh, it’s not broken.” Ahahaa, yes so funny. I said “It better not be or AO will know why we’re sending it straight back.” I signed for it as a) I didn’t want it being sent to some random delivery office miles away. b) It wasn’t mine to decline really and c) I wanted The Bloke to have the visibly damaged package to return.

The vacuum cleaner didn’t look broken and it did work but I wasn’t about to bet how long for. I also noticed the box had it’s handle ripped out like it had been dragged from under a heavy stack of items and there was a big random hole in one side as if someone had kicked it really hard!




We phoned Appliances Online and spoke to a customer care guy who sounded shocked rather than amused and apologised profusely, offering an immediate replacement within a few days.

The replacement vac was delivered by Expert Logistics who seemed friendly. Before signing for the item The Bloke turned it around and noticed that the side which had been turned away from him was a total mess. The whole of the vertical edge (18 inches) was pushed in by two inches which must of took so much force. “Seriously? You’re expecting me to accept this!” to which the delivery guy replied “I’ve delivered worse to be honest.” Oh, that’s ok then -__- Delivery guy then went on to explain that often smaller objects are in the van with much bigger objects “like freezers”. The Bloke sent it straight back.

The same day The Bloke cancelled his order with AO and bought the same vac from John Lewis, which arrived quickly and in perfect condition.

AO, lovely company, disastrous choice of couriers.

Everything I have written in this post is completely true and accurate including all quotations. I have given a true and honest account without any elaboration.

Chrissie xx

Favourite Posts of 2014

Yes it has taken me until the 7th to figure out exactly how I want to round up my 2014. Here we go.

Funny Search Terms Directed To My Blog – and my opinion on them. People are weird!

Skincare Review: The Cornish Seaweed Company – Not as gross experimenting with seaweed as you might imagine (although a little odd) and amazing results.


How To Run A Successful Blog On A Budget – The first time I really had the courage to say “Yeah, this is doing pretty well!” and all of the tips I wish I’d known as a budding and very skint blogger.

Statement Logo Tops for A/W – I love street-art and graphic designs and urban fashion so here we are. I’m now addicted to Polyvore! The Bloke finds it ‘one of the most redundant things you could do with your time, oh, apart from Pinterest.’ Smh.

The Perfect Rockabilly Dress – Yes that’s right, me, in an actual dress for once!

skull and roses 50's Rockabilly dress

I Heart Instagram Tag – This was a really fun tag to join in with and I realised that I’d developed my own style.

cultural 1

Are You Being Too Nice? – This was one of those posts where you are bothered by something in life and you just sit and write and come up with some good points.

B. Makeup Master Class and Product Review – I learn how to contour for my face shape, how to layer powder and cream eyeshadow for staying power, I’m reminded that ‘medium’ is indeed too light for my skin tone and that gel eyelinner is tricky but worth it.

B. Cosmetics Superdrug

Food Intolerance Symptoms and Information – ALL that I’ve learned on this subject from personal experience and a lot of research.

Scars Are Your Survival Marks – They are part of us and we should show our body more appreciation, even if it isn’t perfect, whatever that means.

Unexpected Benefits of Having Big Boobs – Short and silly!


Moretti Gran Tour (Italian Street Food and Beer) – I still drink the beer and I’m still waiting to be taken out to an Italian restaurant to eat more delicious authentic food.

Do’s & Dont’s of Surviving A Drunken Night Out – From personal experience I’m proud/embarrassed to admit!

OOTD: Rocking Country – My fave summer outfit when I’m not wearing some kind of maxi. I’ve been told I look much younger in this outfit than my 33 years, which is always a bonus :0)


20 Ways To Know If He’s The One – It’s not all sickeningly romantic, promise!

How to Upcycle, Recycle and Re-home Anything! – Waste not, want not.

OOTD: Moroccan Inspired – I bought this skirt in a sale (size 16) for £4.00 and gathered in the waste.

OOTD: Spanish Gypsy Inspired

How To Create The Perfect Outfit For Any Occassion – Wish I’d figured this out in my teens and early 20’s!

A Discussion: Teetotallers & Drinkers – As a rather enthusiastic drinker it was so interesting to get other peoples perspectives in this Q&A between everyone.

The strange Truth About Being In Your 30’s – Not young, not old but definitely more ‘you’.

Photo Story: John Rylands Library – Stunning external and internal gothic architecture. There be dragons!

John Rylands Library

Why Should A Womans Appearance Equal Her Value – I’ve never understood this concept and find it so shallow.

Way of Wagamama Event – First time I’d ever tried the food their and it did not disappoint. Lovely to be able to ask questions to the chefs also.

Where to Buy Cruelty-free Everyday Items on the Highstreet – When you are first starting out on your cruelty-free journey or if you live in a fairly small town or you’re on a budget, it can be a little daunting. It’s simple to gradually incorporate it into the weekly household shop though :0)

10 Reasons Why Bad Weather Can Sometimes Be Good – Ever the optimist.

Alternative Valentines Rules – I won’t mention that this is shortly going to be applicable again – oops!

Manchester Street Art – Part 6 – I need to get out there with my camera again. A shameful amount of time has lapsed.


Stephies Street View – I loved compiling my friends snaps from around town, she has a really interesting perspective on all urban things.

Funky buddha tunnels


Thank you all for your comments, support and humour in 2014.

Chrissie xx