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Yes it has taken me until the 7th to figure out exactly how I want to round up my 2014. Here we go.

Funny Search Terms Directed To My Blog – and my opinion on them. People are weird!

Skincare Review: The Cornish Seaweed Company – Not as gross experimenting with seaweed as you might imagine (although a little odd) and amazing results.


How To Run A Successful Blog On A Budget – The first time I really had the courage to say “Yeah, this is doing pretty well!” and all of the tips I wish I’d known as a budding and very skint blogger.

Statement Logo Tops for A/W – I love street-art and graphic designs and urban fashion so here we are. I’m now addicted to Polyvore! The Bloke finds it ‘one of the most redundant things you could do with your time, oh, apart from Pinterest.’ Smh.

The Perfect Rockabilly Dress – Yes that’s right, me, in an actual dress for once!

skull and roses 50's Rockabilly dress

I Heart Instagram Tag – This was a really fun tag to join in with and I realised that I’d developed my own style.

cultural 1

Are You Being Too Nice? – This was one of those posts where you are bothered by something in life and you just sit and write and come up with some good points.

B. Makeup Master Class and Product Review – I learn how to contour for my face shape, how to layer powder and cream eyeshadow for staying power, I’m reminded that ‘medium’ is indeed too light for my skin tone and that gel eyelinner is tricky but worth it.

B. Cosmetics Superdrug

Food Intolerance Symptoms and Information – ALL that I’ve learned on this subject from personal experience and a lot of research.

Scars Are Your Survival Marks – They are part of us and we should show our body more appreciation, even if it isn’t perfect, whatever that means.

Unexpected Benefits of Having Big Boobs – Short and silly!


Moretti Gran Tour (Italian Street Food and Beer) – I still drink the beer and I’m still waiting to be taken out to an Italian restaurant to eat more delicious authentic food.

Do’s & Dont’s of Surviving A Drunken Night Out – From personal experience I’m proud/embarrassed to admit!

OOTD: Rocking Country – My fave summer outfit when I’m not wearing some kind of maxi. I’ve been told I look much younger in this outfit than my 33 years, which is always a bonus :0)


20 Ways To Know If He’s The One – It’s not all sickeningly romantic, promise!

How to Upcycle, Recycle and Re-home Anything! – Waste not, want not.

OOTD: Moroccan Inspired – I bought this skirt in a sale (size 16) for £4.00 and gathered in the waste.

OOTD: Spanish Gypsy Inspired

How To Create The Perfect Outfit For Any Occassion – Wish I’d figured this out in my teens and early 20’s!

A Discussion: Teetotallers & Drinkers – As a rather enthusiastic drinker it was so interesting to get other peoples perspectives in this Q&A between everyone.

The strange Truth About Being In Your 30’s – Not young, not old but definitely more ‘you’.

Photo Story: John Rylands Library – Stunning external and internal gothic architecture. There be dragons!

John Rylands Library

Why Should A Womans Appearance Equal Her Value – I’ve never understood this concept and find it so shallow.

Way of Wagamama Event – First time I’d ever tried the food their and it did not disappoint. Lovely to be able to ask questions to the chefs also.

Where to Buy Cruelty-free Everyday Items on the Highstreet – When you are first starting out on your cruelty-free journey or if you live in a fairly small town or you’re on a budget, it can be a little daunting. It’s simple to gradually incorporate it into the weekly household shop though :0)

10 Reasons Why Bad Weather Can Sometimes Be Good – Ever the optimist.

Alternative Valentines Rules – I won’t mention that this is shortly going to be applicable again – oops!

Manchester Street Art – Part 6 – I need to get out there with my camera again. A shameful amount of time has lapsed.


Stephies Street View – I loved compiling my friends snaps from around town, she has a really interesting perspective on all urban things.

Funky buddha tunnels


Thank you all for your comments, support and humour in 2014.

Chrissie xx

9 responses to “Favourite Posts of 2014”

  1. BeautyAndThePrince (@Lisasbeauties) Avatar

    wow what a look back and some fantastic posts that i have had great pleasure in going back to re reading again ,
    looking forward to this year


  2. Ami Elizabeth Avatar

    It’s lovely looking back isn’t it 🙂 Some great posts here x


  3. Chloee Avatar

    such a lovely post to look back on the year. I may do it myself! x


    1. manchesterflickchick Avatar

      It’s really fun to compile as well.


  4. Niranjana Avatar

    This is the perfect list to round up 2014! Some of my favourites are on there. 🙂

    It took me seven days to let 2015 sink in too. Until I finished with anything carried over from the past year, I was still living in 2014 – and I ended up wishing everyone on WordPress a week too late. So, I had to write a post about it! XD

    A very happy new year to you! 😀


    1. manchesterflickchick Avatar

      Thank you so much chuck. Which where some of your faves? As soon as it was Jan 1st I wanted the christmas tree down to start a new year afresh but then I realised aaagh I’ve not done one of those round up posts yet and where to start!?


      1. Niranjana Avatar

        🙂 I really enjoyed the OOTD posts, 10 Reasons Why Bad Weather Can Sometimes Be Good, Are you being too nice?, and How to Upcycle, Recycle and Re-home Anything!

        Then again, there are so many others – too many to ever list out! 😀


  5. Solange Foix Avatar
    Solange Foix

    Very interesting test lab _____ 🙂


    1. manchesterflickchick Avatar

      I’m guessing this is because my stupid blog needed me to approve every damn link and I forgot. Unless this is an esoteric reference to something I’m just not cool enough to know ;0)


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