Teen Films Worth Watching As A Grownup

Some things never get old!

Check out some awesome film news at the end of the list (23/01/14).

Superbad (2007) Comedy | Drama

Starring Jonha Hill, Michael Cera  Director Greg Mottola










The Hunger Games (2012) Action | Sci Fi

Starring Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth  Director Gary Ross

hunger gmes









Scream (1996) Satire | Horror

Starring Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox  Director Wes Craven










Step Up (2006) Dance | Drama

Starring Channing Tatum, Jenna Dewan  Director Anne Fletcher

step up









Thirteen (2003) Drama

Starring Evan Rachel Wood, Holly Hunter  Director Catherine Hardwick










The Maze Runner  (2014) Action | Sci Fi

Starring Dylan O’Brien, Will Poulter  Director Wes Ball










Heathers (1988) Black Comedy | Romance

Starring Wynona Ryder, Christian Slater  Director Michael Lehmann










Juno (2007) Comedy | Drama | Romance

Starring Ellen Page, Michael Cera  Director Diablo Cody










Clueless (1995) Comedy | Romance

Starring Alicia Silverstone, Brittany Murphy  Director Amy Heckerling











Final Destination (2000) Horror

Starring Devon Sawa, Ali Larter  Director James Wong

final destiation









Mean Girls (2004) Comedy

Starring Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams  Director Mark Waters

mean girls









Adventureland (2009) Comedy | Drama | Romance

Starring Jesse Eisenberg, Kristen Stewart  Director Greg Mottola










10 Things I Hate About You (1999) Comedy | Drama | Romance

Starring Heath Ledger, Julia Stiles  Director Gil Junger

10 things









Less Than Zero (1987) Drama

Starring Rober Downey Jr., Andrew McCarthy  Director Marek Kanievska

les than









Never Been Kissed (1999) Comedy | Romance | Drama

Starring Drew Barrymore, Michael Vartan  Director Raja Gosnell

never been kissed









Road Trip (2000) Adventure | Comedy

Starring Breckin Meyer, Seann William Scott  Director Todd Phillips

Road trip









Perfect Sisters (2014) Drama | Black Comedy

Starring Abigail Breslin, Georgie Henley  Director Stanley M. Brooks

Perfect sisters









Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitters Dead (1991) Comedy

Starring Christina Applegate, Keith Coogan  Director Stephen Herek










Billy Elliott (2000) Comedy | Drama | Dance

Starring  Jamie Bell, Julie Walters  Director Stephen Daldry

billy eloit









Carrie (1976) Horror

Starring Sissy Spacek, Piper Laurie  Director Brain De Palma










Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging (2008) Comedy | Drama

Starring Georgia Groome, Aaron Taylor  Director Gurinder Chadha








Cruel Intentions (1999) Drama | Romance

Starring Ryan Phillippe, Sarah Michelle Gellar  Director Roger Kumble

cruel intentions









The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants (2005) Drama

Starring America Ferrera, Blake Lively  Director Ken Kwapis










American Pie (1999) Comedy

Starring Seann William Scott, Alyson Hannigan,  Director Paul Weitz

US pie









Ghost World (2001) Black Comedy | Drama

Staring Thora Birch, Scarlett Johansson, Steve Buscemi  Director Terry Zwigoff










Say Anything (1989) Drama | Romance | Comedy

Starring John Cusack, Ione Skye  Director Cameron Crowe

say anuth









Election (1999) Black Comedy | Drama

Starring Reese Witherspoon, Mathew Broderick  Director Alexander Payne








Pretty in Pink (1986) Drama | Romance | Comedy

Starring Molly Ringwald, Jon Cryer  Director Howard Deutch










Dead Poets Society (1989) Drama


Starring Robin Williams, Ethan Hawke  Director Peter Weir








Hairspray (1988) Comedy | Drama | Romance | Musical

Starring Sonny , Ruth Brown  Director John Waters










Empire Records (1995) Drama | Comedy

Starring Renee Zelleger, Liv Tyler  Director allan Moyle










Dangerous Minds (1995) Drama

Starring Michelle Pfeiffer, George Dzundza  Director John N Smith










Grease (1978) Romance | Comedy | Musical

Staring Olivia Newton-John, John Travolta  Director Randal Kleiser










Mallrats (1995) Comedy

Starring Jason Mewes, Kevin Smith  Director Kevin Smith










Freaky Friday (2003) Comedy

Starring Lindsay Lohan, Jamie Lee Curtis  Director Mark Waters










The Faculty (1998) Sci Fi | Horror

Starring Jordana Brewster, Josh Hartnett  Director Robert Rodriguez










Coach Carter (2005) Drama

Starring Samuel L Jackson, Channing Tatum  Director Thomas Carter

coach carter









A documentary called ‘Beyond Clueless’ by Charlie Lyne and narrated by Fairuza Balk (the coolest chick in The Craft remember?) has premiered, examining how teen films have played an important role in pop culture and how we relate to them. Featuring 200 films from cults to chick flicks the film covers a broad taste spectrum. I can’t wait to see this!

Chrissie xx


11 thoughts on “Teen Films Worth Watching As A Grownup

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  2. Ghost World, Mallrats and The Faculty. Love them all! What about The Breakfast Club or The Craft. The Craft was pretty damn cheesy but when I was a teen I wanted to look as cool as those girls.
    I watched American Pie in the cinema with my Dad. As a teen that was veeery awkward.
    I’m adding all of these to my must watch list.


    • I made that mistake with my Mum and Dad watching it on the telly (O.O) I’ve started to realise not that many people have actually watched Ghost World so it’s nice to hear from another fan. I left out The Craft and a few others because I’d already featured them in a list of ‘Scary movies for whimps’ post back in October.


      • Ah, I’ll check that post out then 🙂

        Ghost World was one of those films you could watch over and over. I haven’t seen it for years though. I must have the DVD around here somewhere…


  3. Have seen and love almost all of those. Personal favourites are Grease, Hairspray and Pretty in Pink. In fact, on my blog not so long ago, I told the storyline of Grease in gifs from Tumblr. yes, I’m that sad!! Great post though – given me a couple of ideas of what to watch this weekend. (here from #sharefriday)


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