Staying In Is The New Going Out

A common conversation

“Oh come on don’t be boring, it’ll be fun!”

“Yeah, I know it’s fun, it’s been fun the last 20 times I’ve gone clubbing with you in town but I’m not in the mood tonight.”

“We can drink wine at mine first to get us in the mood.”

“Actually me and the Bloke have got to a pivotal point in Scandal and…”

“But you bought that dress.”


“Well it’s a shame to waste it.”

“There will plenty of other times I’ll wear it.”

“We’ve not caught up for ages though.”

“I wouldn’t say ages but I’ll meet you tomorrow for at that little bar with the peanut butter cocktails, if you want?”

“Fine. I never thought you’d be the one to settle down and get all boring.”

I used to be the pushy annoying one in this conversation, desperate to go wild and determined to have The. Most. Fun. Ever! Now I’m the one that would rather stay in with a gorgeous homemade pizza, a really gripping box set, my mates and my awesome Bloke.



I haven’t settled for a snoozfest of a life. I haven’t ‘settled down’ either (what, like a hyperactive toddler exhausting their self and falling asleep?), I’m just a lot more relaxed and happy. It’s not that now I’ve found a partner I don’t need to go out on the pull anymore, as it was never (just) about that anyway. It’s more that I’ve slowed the pace down a little in my 30’s and it really suits me.

To put it simply: I can’t always be arsed!

I can’t always be arsed assembling clothes and accessories, taming my crazy hair and figuring out how to keep it like that for the rest of the night, doing my makeup and keeping it maintained for the rest of the night, queuing at a bar three people deep so I get the pleasure of paying over the odds for drink and running after a taxi flapping my arms at 2.00am.


I was also starting to think I’d developed social anxiety as I wasn’t keen on going to as many blogging events as I used to. As I’m supposed to? Then I realised I just don’t find it enjoyable trying to work a room full of strangers, whilst taking the perfect pictures and remembering everyone’s names and not putting my foot in it, in some astonishing but inevitable way. Some events I love, like the one’s with a clear point and something  particular to do, or the more casual one’s or the one’s where you can sit down and eat or get a treatment etc. Those can be awesome.

It might be due to my memory and co-ordination problems but I find going out in the evening to places where I HAVE TO enjoy myself and be charmingly social, whether I feel like it or not at that moment, to be quite exhausting – emotionally and physically.

So here’s to doing just enough exercise so that I don’t get fat, buying tinies round at the off-liscence, catching up with friends in a setting where everyone can hear each other and share music or You Tube vids, nipping into the kitchen to get more nibbles whenever I want, getting excited by characters stories that I really want to hear and dragging my tired arse to bed the moment that I feel like it.

Of course, I might change my mind when Spring/Summer come along ;o)

Chrissie xx



11 thoughts on “Staying In Is The New Going Out

  1. Luckily, most everyone in my friend group prefers to stay in and hang out in a small group together than go out. I’m most definitely a home body. Every once in a while, I have the urge to go out, but that doesn’t happen very often.

    I don’t think staying in makes you boring at all! It’s all a matter of perspective. There’s so much to do if you put your mind to it. I just recently starting doing yoga in my room (with the help of some youtube videos) and I love it. I am being productive and staying healthy without having to go anywhere!


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