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Wether food intolerances are becoming more common or we’ve simply become more attuned to how our bodies react to certain foods, more and more of us are cutting out dairy and wheat/gluten. Even if we aren’t the greatest of cooks it’s far easier to create an evening meal than it is to quickly find a suitable snack, even in a massive supermarket. This is why I was pleased when I got asked to review Geo bars.

dairy wheat free from Geo bars

Geo bars (£2.60 for a 3 pack) are available in two types, Fruity and Trail (a natural energy bar) and are made from fruit, veg, gluten free oats (not suitable for people who are allergic to the protein avenin), nuts and soy protein. Each bar contains one fruit/veg of your five a day. All bars in the range are certified Fair Trade, which makes my conscience as well as my tummy very happy.

Banana and Walnut Trail

I know this is meant to be a trail bar but they are so tasty I ate one as desert after my evening meal. No wonder I was still full of energy at 10.00pm! The banana adds the perfect amount of softness with an added touch of crunch from the walnuts.

Cocoa Crunch Trail Bar

The cocoa flavour isn’t too sweet or too bitter either, which is perfect if you are grabbing this for a quick lunch or if you are flagging on a hike. The bar is so dense I wish it was more moist and not as dry. I found it a little hard going and had to drink a small glass of water with it.

Carrot and Stem Ginger

I found the stem ginger in this bar to be really strong which I thought overwhelmed the carrot but my mum thought it wasn’t strong enough. Okay then?! Even though this is classed as a fruit bar I found it to be as dense and dry as the trail bar, which I was a little disappointed with.

Cocoa and Beetroot

The beetroot adds a lovely sweetness to the cocoa but the predominant flavour is cocoa. I liked the texture of this bar and I’d definitely keep one in my bag for times when I feel my blood sugar is getting low and I need a quick free-from snack.

This product was sent to me for review purposes. This does not affect my opinion of the product.

Chrissie xx

6 responses to “Wheat & Dairy Free Snack Review: Geo Bars”

  1. Anna (Yay Interiors) Avatar

    Even tho I have no allergies or any food intolerance I still buy gluten free, lactofree etc foods! I just love it! and I know I am getting better food that traditional! Im gonna try this bars!


  2. Jess Avatar

    Cocoa and beetroot sounds so interesting! I don’t think i’ve seen these in my local supermarket but I’ll definitely have a closer look next time I shop!


    1. Manchester Flick Chick (Chrissie) Avatar

      You wouldn’t think it would and yet it works :0)


  3. Melissa Zia Avatar

    these look great the best sounding to me is banana and walnut trail!!


    1. Manchester Flick Chick (Chrissie) Avatar

      Nom Nom Nom! It’s really different to anything else I’ve tasted and lovely and sweet without needing any chocolate.


  4. fashion-mommy Avatar

    They sound really nice so I’m quite tempted to try them.



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