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It’s so easy to get carried away adjusting our appearance, so we look prettier and more desirable. But by who’s standards? Our friends? The medias? Our countries? Our partners? It’s also easy to make a massive change to the way we look by using makeup, hair extensions, hair dye, clothes, heels, false nails ect. It’s all available to us after a quick journey to our local high street.

There’s no doubt it gives us masses of confidence looking like the best version of our selves and it is healthy to maintain a certain standard of personal care obviously, ha! But what if we are trying to make everything look so ‘perfect‘ that we end up looking completely altered? Where does it end!

Remind you of any ‘remodelled’ celebrities?


Actually relying on this sort of ‘fake beauty’ can possibly bring up all sorts of issues because it’s like saying “I don’t look good enough”, which is a very short step to “I’m not good enough” or even “If I look perfect, I will be more valued.” This way of thinking is seriously toxic because we are undermining our confidence every time we look in the mirror. Using products that make us look different for a change can be a lot of fun of course. However, when we get to the point of thinking “I need these extensions, lip plumpers, heels etc to look ok.” we are automatically devaluing ourself on a daily basis. If we meet someone new, how long before we drop the fakery and are brave enough to show our real (and truly hideous) selves? Then what, hope they don’t run away screaming? There is also the question of upkeep and funding endless treatments every 4-6 weeks that we convince ourselves we can’t do without any more. It’s at these moments we need to ask ourselves ‘Is this still enjoyable, really?’


There are so many diverse examples of beautiful women around the world, the fact that a ‘Westernised’ look has quickly become the template for beauty in many countries is really sad. We should never underestimate how good it feels to express our individuality – rather than feeling we have to look a standardised version of pretty. It’s so obvious when someone feels relaxed and happy in their self and that will always be attractive.

Me age 13 looking Au Naturael
Me age 13 looking Au Naturale, if a tad moody
Age 21 looking like some C list celebrity, with straightened hair, a load of fake tan and makeup, complete with weird fake smile
Age 21 looking like some C list celebrity, with straightened hair, a load of fake tan and masses of makeup, complete with a fake smile
Me age 30 makeup free (lip balm doesn't count) and feeling happy and confident with who I am
Me age 30, much more self assured

9 responses to “Why Fake Isn’t Always Fabulous”

  1. Sandra Avatar

    You are so adorable. Past present and future, I’m sure! Great post.


    1. Manchester Flick Chick (Chrissie) Avatar

      Ha, thanks chick. Although I don’t think I’ve ever behaved in a particularly ‘adorable’ way ;0)

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  2. brittabottle Avatar

    Absolutely adore that picture of you at 13. What 13 year old isn’t moody, though? 🙂
    Great post, I completely agree. I wear mascara and a light, nude eye shadow regularly, but nothing else…I like the way they accentuate my eyes and they just make me feel more ready for the day. I am completely 100% fine going out without any makeup, though, and rarely wear it on the weekends unless I have plans that require me to look a bit nicer. So, my skin has a few blemishes…I don’t like to waste too much time worrying about that, though. There are so many more important things in the world to invest my time in!


    1. Manchester Flick Chick (Chrissie) Avatar

      Ah, thank you Britta! It’s one of those timeless shots I guess. I love doing artistic eye makeup (when I can be arsed) but usually I wear lip gloss and a CC cream (I get really red after eating wheat/dairy) daily. It took me a long time to be 100% ok without leaving the house without any make-up, even when just nipping to the local shops, until my bloke was like “Seriously!? No one cares!”:o)

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      1. brittabottle Avatar

        I agree, it does have a timeless quality to it. 🙂 Sometimes I do consider if I should invest in some foundation or other beauty products of the sort. I was about to a couple months ago, and than decided against it. I really don’t know how comfortable I’d feel in foundation, even with just a light amount on. Even though I’m generally quite confident in my appearance, it can be hard to remember that with everything that the media throws at us about beauty standards, etc. I know some people just love make up as and art form and love experimenting with it in that way, which I think is really admirable, but I definitely prefer expressing myself in other ways.


      2. Manchester Flick Chick (Chrissie) Avatar

        That’s the thing isn’t it. It can be the most stunning and beautiful art form but when we start to feel like we should do it so we look more ‘done’ then it starts to turn into pressure. I know what you mean when it comes to wearing a face full of makeup to events etc. I think it’s really cool that fashion designers are requesting their models look more natural. That brands are coming up with natural makeup is promising. Also the more un-done boho vibe has come back which feels more…comfortable for many people, thank goodness! xx


  3. bunnypudding Avatar

    Love this post! I COMPLETELY agree with it all! Xx


    1. Manchester Flick Chick (Chrissie) Avatar

      Aww, thank you for letting me know :0)


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