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Rather than paying £5.00 a month and automatically getting little green boxes from Souk Souk and having a pile of beauty products mounting up in my bathroom, I’ve decided to treat myself to one-off boxes costing £20 every now and then. I had a choice of a bespoke box, compiled just for me or I could pick one of the five limited edition boxes Off To The Gym (yeah right!), Happy Mothers Day, Skin Introduction, Pamper Boutique and the Relax and Dream box that I chose. So, what products did I get in the Souk Souk beauty box?



I was really pleased that some of the products were actually layered on top of one another so that they could fit as much as possible into the box, instead of bulking it out with with masses of paper.


Looks intriguing doesn’t it! I will be reviewing most of the products in more detail when I’ve had a chance to use them properly but here’s a quick run through through.


Holy Lama travel mini’s: Yogi Soap, Conditioner, Shampoo and (a pleasant surprise) hair oil in a beautifully woven and sturdy case.


Orchard View Naturals Rose and Geranium Facial oil, Sranrom – Urban wellness – Sleep Tight Body Cream, Alva Handcream, Pure Thoughts Tangerine & Jojoba whipped Body Butter, Pure Thoughts Mint and Avocado Foot Repair Balm, The Green Balm Healing Balm.


Tisserand Aromatherapy Sweet Dreams Rollerball and Badger Balm Lavender and Bergamot Sleep Balm.

There was also an orange oil rollerball perfume. I found the inclusion of this strange as orange oil is known to be quite an invigorating rather than relaxing scent. I’m used to more complex perfumes and didn’t fancy walking around smelling like I’ve just eaten a tangerine! There was also Ruth Romano Lavender Soap, which I gave to a friend as I’m not a huge fan of the scent of lavender on it’s own but she was pleased with it.

Some of the products appear to be sample sized and others are just naturally small. I’d much rather have this great range of products than 3 or 4 larger sized ones though. I think this box is definitely worth the £20 if you are into discovering independent cruelty-free brands ^_^

Have you ordered a Souk Souk Beauty Box before? What did you think?

Chrissie xx



2 responses to “Souk Souk Beauty Box (limited edition) Relax and Dream un-boxing”

  1. Gemma Avatar

    This is cute, it does scare me the idea of not being able to choose tho, little bit worried I’d end up super disappointed one time!

    Check out my blog, been interviewing bloggers!


    1. Manchester Flick Chick (Chrissie) Avatar

      Mmm I know what you mean. I think because the value of the products in the box is bigger than the subscription/one off price you pay, even if one product is a bit meh it’s still worth it…But two products = could be better and three = Oh no! This is why I don’t subscribe every month and choose the bespoke or limited edition ones.


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