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Popcorn Lip Scrub

I said to the bloke in the shop “I better not get the bubble gum flavour as I’ll really want to eat that one.” to which he replied “Well they are edible, if you have to.” Hahaa! I still chose the (only slightly) less more-ish flavour of popcorn. The scruby bits are really fine but effective. The oils in the scrub make it a pleasant experience, without it feeling scratchy. I had a LOT of dry skin on my lips but non of it was peeling, it was just sat there. This scrub got rid of the lot and left my lips smooth with a wonderful moisturised shine. Gorgeous product! £5.50 for 21g

Ingredients: Caster sugar, organic jojoba oil, fine sea salt, polenta, extra virgin coconut oil, popping candy, natural flavouring.

Rating 5/5

Vanishing Cream Face Moisturiser

If you require a really light moisturiser which will sink in quickly leaving your skin looking naturally radiant then this is the one for you. This cream also has the most beautiful fresh flower scent. Oil regulating creams, skin balancing serums and facial oils all have there place but if you are after a simple face cream which soothes and moisturises then this is the perfect one. It’s just a shame how expensive this is for such a small pot – bearing in mind most people will be using this as their daily moisturiser. £18.75 for 45g

Ingredients: Linseed infusion, water, rose water, lavender honey water, organic cold pressed grapeseed oil, honey, stearic acid, organic jojoba oil, witch hazel extract, fair traid shea butter, cetearyl alcohol, triethanolamine, camellia oil, lavender oil, neroli oil, geranium oil, glycerine, tincture of benzoin, geraniol, limonene, linalool, (natural) perfume, methylparaben, propylparaben.

Rating 4/5

Chrissie xx

2 responses to “LUSH Popcorn Lip Scrub & Vanishing Cream Face Moisturiser”

  1. StiffKnees Avatar

    I’m in love with Lush’s ‘Lemony Flutter’ cuticle butter. Smells like lemon sherbet and is wonderful for any dry skin as well cuticles. I can recommend it to smooth hard cracked skin on the feet, I usually do it before I go to bed, works wonders.


    1. Manchester Flick Chick (Chrissie) Avatar

      Sounds really lovely :0) Although I have so many creams, balms and body butters at the mo I could open a shop. The body cream bar you got me is ace btw. I need to use less though, as my legs were so balmy I couldn’t pull my skinny jeans on lol


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