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It’s not because I’m stressed that I can’t sleep sometimes, it’s that my mind won’t shut up! It has totally random thoughts flying around it all day and then creates really busy detailed dreams for me all night, you’d think there would be a period in between where it would slow down so I can actually get to sleep but no. You can see why I tried both of these now, right?



I have a little ritual in the evening which involves changing into my jammy’s, making the bed, filling a bottle with filtered water to take to bed, removing my makeup and then massaging in moisturiser. I have to do all of this before I’m tired or I will just drop, spill and miss-place everything.

Tisserand Remedy (Sweet Dreams) Roller Ball $12.73 for 10ml

I put a little bit of this behind my ears and a big streak across my pillow around an hour before going to bed. It took this huge amount of time for me to forget that I’d applied it to my pillow, so when I lay down I started to wonder what the lovely flowery fresh scent was which me feel calm and happy. Every time my thoughts wandered I brought them back to the scent and my breathing. I drifted off to sleep fairly quickly and had some really lovely creative dreams. I don’t think I’ll use this every night as I’ll get too used to the scent and stop recognising it. I’ll save it for those nights when my body is really tired and I have to get up early in the morning but my mind isn’t as convinced. I’ll also take it with me if I’m staying over at friends or when I’m on holiday and I’m sleeping in a bed I’m not used to.

Badger Sleep Balm $5.99 for .75oz

How adorable is this fat little tin! The Bloke asked “Can I have that tin when you’re done for screws and stuff” “No I have to keep it.” “Why?” “Because it has a cute sleepy badger on it” Duh!

This balm has a much subtler scent of lavender and bergamot than I was expecting. My sense of smell isn’t the best I’ll admit but it was barley detectable, which is possibly a good thing if you are sharing a bed with someone who (rather annoyingly) has a super sense of smell. I applied a little bit of balm behind my ears, to the nape of my neck and to the middle of my collar bone about 20 minutes before going to bed. I did have quite a few things on my mind such as upcoming appointments and unresolved issues but I was quite surprised at how relaxed my body felt. I wasn’t wriggling around and I felt perfectly comfy, so I did fall asleep quicker than I normally would when my mind is busy.


In my opinion if a persons mind is really stressed and their muscles are tense I think it will take more than aromatherapy to knock them out. An Indian head massage maybe, seeing as we’re being holistic here. However, if you simply need a little help relaxing and getting into sleep mode then I recommend both of these.

Chrissie xx

3 responses to “Tisserand Aromatherapy Sweet Dreams Roller Ball and Badger Sleep Balm Review”

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  2. Stevi in KC Avatar
    Stevi in KC

    This is great! I have been thinking about trying the Badger Balm stuff for my sleepless nights, so glad to hear someone had a good experience with it!


    1. Manchester Flick Chick (Chrissie) Avatar

      I was so skeptical but just sort of floated off to sleep!


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