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70's Boho
Combining 70’s chic, relaxed boho style and tribal prints for a classic yet individual look which takes you from day to evening.
Which items would you add to your wardrobe to get the 70’s boho chic vibe?
Chrissie xx

7 responses to “70’s Boho Chic”

  1. Kajsa Josephine Avatar

    A super outfit, makes me dream of warmer spring days 🙂


    1. Manchester Flick Chick (Chrissie) Avatar

      Thanks hon! That’s what I was thinking of. I’m planning my Summer wardrobe already.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Kajsa Josephine Avatar

        How good! :))


  2. chellem90 Avatar

    Love all of this! want it all ❤ x


  3. Desiree Avatar

    Fabulous!! Love the color of the hat.


    1. Manchester Flick Chick (Chrissie) Avatar

      I wanted to avoid black for S/S and I like colours that aren’t easily describable :0)


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