Fashion – Citrus Is Meant For Spring and Summer

Citrus For Summer
Put a spring in your step and a smile on your face this summer with the best citrus finds out there.
Morgan strappy tank top / Quiz sleeveless tank top / NIKE yoga activewear / Converse shoes, £41 / Melissa flip flop shoes, £20 / Havaianas flip flops, £19 / Platform pumps / Accessorize yellow purse, £30 / White bag, £24 / Faux leather purse / Tri coastal Design cotton purse, £4.74 / CAFèNOIR buckle belt, £16 / Dorothy Perkins floppy hat, £10 / Accessorize tech accessory, £13 / Hair clip accessory, £8.81 / Kale Naturals body cleanser, £16 / Dr Bronner s body cleanser / Butter London nail polish, £21 / Orly nail polish / Newgate Clocks contemporary modern wall clock / Lime green candle / Lékué kitchen gadgets tool / Scented candle / Kuzy MINT GREEN Rubberized Hard Case Cover for Apple MacBook Pro 15.4″…, £21 / Avex Brazos Citrus Water Bottle, £10 / Set of Three Sunset Heart Bowls / Kusmi Tea BB Detox Tea (125g)
Chrissie xx

So Recently I’ve Been…

Watching…Orphan Black a sci-fi series featuring Tatiana Maslany who plays 7 characters (so far) who are all very different but have the same secret, the same shoe size and the orphanblackposter1same DNA – or do they? It follows Sarah a drifter and con artists who teams up with her GBF to find out the truth behind some very strange experiences as she struggles to get her young daughter back. Totally compelling and not as confusing as you might assume.P1050563

Making… Thick shakes by blitzing together Dream coconut and rice milk with a frozen banana and a tiny squirt of runny honey.


SamplingFaceTheory Relaxing Night Cream (£17.50 50ml) which is lovely and light on the skin unlike other night creams can which feel heavy and greasy. The next day my combination skin wasn’t too dry or too oily, it was just right. Yes I am the Goldilocks of skin care results! The cream contains Hyaluronic acid and vit C and E to repair skin P1050561while you sleep You can get 20% off with code NIGHT20 online. The Library Of Fragrance sent me samples of their popular scents Baby Powder and Thunderstorm to try. They actually have 300 unique and ‘everyday’ scents in their library. I think the smell of baby powder is very flowery and comforting and I can see how it can bring back fond memories for mums but I wouldn’t choose to smell like I’d just had my nappy changed in my 30’s! Thunderstorm is definitely a man’s scent, in fact it’s very reminiscent of the middle – top notes used in a lot of mens fragrances. It’s fresh, subtly sexy and it really does smell like a forest after it rains! Me and the bloke have often commented on how much we like that moment and now we actually have it in a bottle :o)

Buying and dying…Some S/S wardrobe essentials and my Count Duckula tee (he’s a vampire duck who’s vegetarian btw). I desperately needed a little cross body bag in a neutral colour for everyday use as I’d busted two zips on my old crappy one and found P1050574this sturdier one in Tesco. The plain white pumps are from Matalan to wear with my maxi skirts and dresses in the day time. The Count Duckula tee is from Truffle Shuffle and was originally white, making the print on it really bright, making it look childish and oddly promotional – seing as the cartoon ended in 93. I bought some Dylon dye in ‘Antique Grey’ but only used half to dye it. It’s come out exactly as I’d hoped! The colours look more faded and old and it looks better quality somehow.

Reading…The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. Now I know that this isn’t a recent novel The Night Circus by Erin Morgensternbut if you are a fan of anything that’s mysterious, magical or a little creepy even, then you need to read this! What if you could bring something imaginary to life? This is exactly what Morgenstern does with her writing and so do her characters – literally! There is a price to pay however, as this is a very real challenge between two very unwilling competitors and there will be collateral damage. Can’t remember if I’ve already mentioned this book. I started reading it, lost it and then found it again!

Learning…About Dyspraxia. I bought Caged In Chaos, a guide written by Victoria Biggs shortly after she was diagnosed with severe Dyspraxia at 16 (and then updated when she is 26). Not only would this book help someone with my difference, it would also be useful a45c0129d8840cc0f2758705e9bb72b6to anyone with Asperger’s or ADD/ADHD to cope with everyday situations. It’s so unusual because it’s written from her (very self aware and candid) point of view, resulting in a book that is positive, practical and humorous. Her personality really comes out in her writing and she reminded me so much of myself that it was just uncanny! I really do think that all teachers and lecturers should also read this book.

Sunning Myself (which somehow sounds slightly pervy in modern times)…Or ‘Chillin’ out maxin’ relaxin’ all cool’…Basically I’ve been taking my vit D supplements now for a year (I had the lowest level the Dr had ever seen – beat that someone else!) and I’ve noticed recently that my 156234_340skin has gone from sallow yellow/grey to the tan colour it used to be when I was a kid/teen. I’ve been in the sun – with SPF 15 on – for a total of 9 hours over 3 days and I have my natural colour back! *happy dance* My Mum commented on how radiant and healthy my skin looked as soon as she saw me. If your’e meant to have beautiful pale skin, I don’t advise you to fry yourself in the sun for hours simply to attain a tan obviously!

Obligatory question to encourage comments?

Hope you have a wild (or chilled) week guys!

Chrissie 👭👟📖

Pamper Time!

Pamper time does not just happen – unless you are a lady of leisure or particularly lazy – you have to schedule it into your week but it’s worth it and you deserve it! I reckon if everyone had a weekly pamper session there would be a lot less road rage.

Short Pamper Session 20 mins 

You Will Need

Face pack.

Any down tempo music that you love which isn’t depressing.

Bowl of warm water with a few drops of your favourite essential oil



Foot balm


Products I Recommend

Neal’s Yard Remedies Geranium & Orange Bath OilInvisibobble7th Heaven Passion Fruit Peel Off MaskPure Thoughts Mint & Avocado Foot Balm


Tie your hair back off your face and apply face mask. Plonk your bum in the comfiest chair in your house. Place your feet in the bowl of water (this will hold you captive and stop the urge to jump up and do those little tasks you forgot about earlier). Read the least brain testing section of your magazine. Ideally the holiday section for 5 minutes. Put down magazine lean head back using the rolled pillow as a neck support and lean your head back and close your eyes. Remember a relaxing holiday you went on or make up a fantasy one. Every time your mind drifts back to reality – catch it. After 15 minutes peel off the face mask, lightly dry your feet and massage in the foot balm.

Long Pamper Session 60 minutes

What you will need


Bath bomb053f20081a86fbf19cb5361d2f07c679

Body Scrub

Body Butter/Moisturising bar/Skin Oil

Fluffy dressing gown

Fluffy socks/slippers

Hair bobble/band/clips

Face Mask [the mud kind]

Nail file

Nail strengthening treatment

Products I Recommend

7th Heaven Mask Chocolate, LUSH Phoenix Rising Bath Bomb, LUSH Strawberry Feels Forever Massage Bar, Faith in Nature Exfoliating Face and Body Polish, Leighton Denny Crystal Nail File, Orly Nail Defence, M&S Zip Dressing Gown, H&M Leopard Print Slippers


Tie hair back and melt a bath bomb in the bath. Clime into your now very pretty bath and relax there for 25 minutes. Apply mud mask and relax for 10-15 minutes. Just before you get out massage in the body scrub in circular motions – always towards your heart. Rinse off scrub and mud mask by pouring a few jugs of warm water over yourself. It feels lovely and relaxing you’re not using your (now used) bath water. Hop out and leave skin damp before smothering body in body butter/skin oil or using a moisturising bar. Wrap up in a cozy dressing gown. Sit in a comfy place and file finger and toe nails gently into shape, buff gently if needed and then apply the nail strengthening treatment. Treat feet to socks and slippers.

And relaaaaax….

Chrissie 💕







Fashion – Welcome To The Jungle

Welcome To The Jungle
Be inspired by a tropical jungle this summer!
Dorothy Perkins green dress / AX Paris midi dress / NLY Trend blue v neck dress / Aéropostale floral print hoodie, £16 / Vero Moda top / Aéropostale floral print crop top, £6.04 / Quiz print tank top / Strappy top / Wallis black camisole, £32 / Topshop green skirt, £34 / M Co clothing / Green Tropical Print Drop Pocket Kimono / River Island romper / Parisian / Black Tropical Floral Print Joggers / Mini skirt / High-waisted denim shorts, £10 / Black pencil skirt / Topshop elastic waist shorts / Wrap romper / Charlotte Russe neon pink sneaker, £26 / Turquoise shoes, £10 / Candie s travel backpack, £27 / Black handbag, £20 / Bling Jewelry long earrings, £20 / Steve Madden drop earrings, £12 / Steve Madden earrings, £12 / Ankit tech accessory, £6.70 / Forever 21 bags case, £3.96
Chrissie xx

You Don’t Have To Hide Your Disability Or Condition

I have what is referred to as an ‘invisible disability’ because Dyspraxia is part sensory, part co-ordination and part comprehension/attention/memory related, it’s not always an obvious physical thing. Invisible Disabilities have their own problems when it comes to mingling with the general pubic (yes, I know). I’m going to list them because I like lists!

Lazy But Frequent Assumptions People Make About You

  1. People loose patience with you because they think you are being lazy or just taking your own sweet time.
  2. People think you’re just a big weird goof and make tactless observations or find it easier to avoid what/who they don’t understand.
  3. People scowl at you for using things/spaces for disabled people because you aren’t in a wheel chair or you don’t have a big neon “DISABLED” sign hovering over your head.
  4. People think you are acting precious or being a bit of a diva because you’re asking for special attention or more frequent attention compared to everyone else, who’s just ‘getting on with it’.
  5. People think you are being an ignorant arsehole. Yes, I just love loosing the plot of our conversation about your baby who’s just started walking (and who’s name I can’t remember) or literally bumping into you on the street when we’re the only two people on the pavement or over compensating and giving you a ludicrously wide birth (hilarious to watch apparently!) or struggling to join in a group conversation and then blurting out what I want to say when it’s not even relevant anymore. It just makes my goddam day!
  6. That you are just plain stoopid.

Talk About Your Condition/Disability! Tell people!

Don’t stop strangers in the street and regale them with details of your latest Dr’s visit like, but do get a dialogue going with people you are going to be spending a lot of time with.

In hindsight I would have found it so much easier in every college, every job and every new circle of friends I’ve made, if I’d have just had ‘the talk’ with them. Alright, back then I had no understanding of why I struggled so much but I knew which things I struggled with.


Yeah, I know it shouldn’t be up to the disabled person to set the standard and to feel like they have to justify their actions but explaining them might possibly make it easier for said person in the long term. Your disability shouldn’t be something you are ashamed of either.

Why Covering For Your Disability Won’t Always Work

I did an Office Administrator apprenticeship in my 20’s where I wasn’t much older than most of my colleagues kids. They noticed straight away that I wasn’t coping very well but falleveryone was lovely and they all really helped me. After a year the apprenticeship was over and I had to find a new job.

I fell in with a group of people that had started a month earlier and had bonded with each other quickly. After 6 months I still felt a little like I was ‘the new girl settling in’ and had an uneasy feeling I hadn’t meshed quite right with them. I automatically assumed it was down to my wonky social skills. Other people in the office had previously dropped subtle hints to me about ‘knowing who your friends are’ etc. but subtlety isn’t my strong point and anyway, these people were doing just enough to con me into thinking they genuinely were my friends. I think that they knew I was (intentionally) hiding something from them and something i_m_fine__by_halliova-d5jex0lwasn’t quite right, so they all thought it gave them the right to treat me like shit. I ended up leaving because of it, with no other prospect of employment on the horizon but that’s not the point. They were a bunch of knobs, obviously, but that’s not the point either….

Accept It And Own It!

The point is, I was trying to hide my condition in plane sight and failing miserably. One minute I was chatting a mile a minute and the next I was being evasive and not making eye contact. Fine not fine. Basically I was really embarrassed by my ‘weirdness’ and was bright enough to quickly be able to come up with a vaguely plausible excuse for every symptom, while t the same time feeling really rather stupid. We need to remember we aren’t wrong or broken, we just function differently. We shouldn’t be making excuses for being who we are or acting the way that we do regarding being different.Every single person on the planet has things they are good at and things they are crap at. The only difference with us is that we are more determined to give the things we know we’ll struggle with, a try in the first place.

If people notice you are acting or doing something that’s a little different don’t try to hide it,uniqueness-quotes or make excuses for it. People will see through you and wonder what on earth is going on. If you continue to behave like that, it’s pretty obvious people are going to get tired or even annoyed. It’s not fair I know but there you go. Either find a quiet time to have a casual chat or wait until someone brings it up and then just be open and honest with them about it.


Even if you only make your lecturer/manager aware so that they can make ‘reasonable adjustments’ to help you cope. For instance, amassing angrier and angrier warnings from your boss for being late, when you struggle with time management and planning might actually be avoidable! Maybe you could start and finish slightly earlier/later to avoid rush hour?

What To Say About Your Disability or Condition

Maybe talk about specific things you struggle with, if you’ve been diagnosed with a certain thing or the reason why that condition effects you (if you are lucky enough to know) or how long you’ve had it. Go into as much or as little detail as you want but try to keep your sense of humour. At the very least it gives people a better understanding of you, and why shouldn’t they!

Admit If You Need Help WithA Task

I know with invisible disabilities it’s possible a person can keep on scraping by and covering up their mistakes or their needs but that knotted stomach feeling of dread can lead to anxiety and depression. It’s much better to ask for help or clearer guidance from your teacher/lecturer/manager/colleagues/friends from the start, even if that help is just a little more patience or understanding from them. Absolutely everyone needs help sometimes so if you are really really struggling with a task don’t feel embarrassed to ask for some!


Being more open about it might make you feel vulnerable at first but as I’ve learned, hiding it can make you just as vulnerable. They are some awesome people out there with more empathy and understanding than you might first realise.

The more people talk about disabilities, the more people get to hear about them and gain a greater understanding of them :o)

Chrissie xx

Fashion & Beauty – Very Cherry

Very Cherry
Accidental but very cute retro vibe going on here it seems.

20 Ways To Tell If You Are A Hipster

It’s easy to cringe at Hipsters, when you assume they were the nerdy kids at school who are now achingly cool. It’s not always intentional though, in fact, maybe you are a hipster yourself but you just don’t realise it yet. Read on to find out if you’ve accidentally become a hipster ;o)


  1. You have an obscure musical instrument casually lying around your home. You can’t play it very well but it adds to the general ambiance.
  2. Your conversation is littered with esoteric pop culture references or stories of trendy dive bar openings you’ve attended or which new ‘retro’ Cath Kidston product you own.
  3. You wish cupcakes hadn’t become so mainstream because now they can’t be the kooky twist to your party.
  4. You can’t function without foods such as quinoa, vegetable crisps, figs, acai berries, goji berries, kale, agave syrup and soya milk, which you buy at your local specialist deli of course. It’s all part of your new ‘clean eating’ regime.
  5. You manage to combine at least 5 of the above ingredients to make sludgy smoothies everyday.
  6. Even though you are clearly an adult your fave tees have cartoon characters on them from your childhood because it’s just so ironic, lols.
  7. You have a tattoo or piercings in a deliberately random place.
  8. You have an interesting vinyl collection on display. Even if it belonged to your Granddad and you dug it out of the attic.
  9. You have a sowing machine on display. Even if it belonged to your Grandma and you dug it out of the attic.
  10. You call the loft space an attic because it makes it sound more mysterious.
  11. You ride a wayfarer bike which has no lights but it does have a woven basket on the front.
  12. Your wardrobe consists of satchels, beanies, vintage clothes, new clothes which look vintage, clothes from an expensive indie label, thick framed glasses and that one ‘quirky’ accessory which you wear with everything because it expresses your individual vibe so well.
  13. Chain stores and restaurants are the devil and everything that is wrong with society. You much prefer independent cafes (especially ones with vegan and gluten free options – you don’t actually need it, you just like the idea), vintage markets and record stores. A combination of all three would be your idea of heaven.
  14. You are likely to be found at an adult colouring book meet up, a scrap booking meet up, a customise your clothes meet up, or a recycle-your-old-crap-into-something-only-slightly-less-crap meet up.
  15. You have to share every second of your life on social media (but not on Facebook as that’s so passé obv) – even though doing this means your perfectly arranged food is now cold.
  16. Normal lighting in the middle of the ceiling is so boring! You only use fairy lights, and strategically placed hidden mood lighting.
  17. Your stationary is either monogrammed, leather bound or is covered with adorable printed illustrations. You make a point of carrying said stationary around with you.
  18. You have either altered your rather plain name ie. Michelle to Mitch, Rachel to Ritchie or you have gone back to your full name which you thought too pretentious  as a teen such as Bernadette or Lucinda.
  19. You drink only craft beer or cocktails which include bizarre and unique ingredients. 
  20. You have the most beautiful looking Pinterest boards imaginable. There are lots of other useful stuff you want to pin but it doesn’t look pretty enough.

Are you recognising yourself yet? Sadly, I know I am LOLS


So Recently I’ve Been….

Visiting Pizza Express as it was the blokes birthday and not having a lot of money but wanting to go somewhere nice we opted for this place – in fact he always opts for Pizza Express. I highly recommend the lasagne and polenta fries and the broccolini is gorgeous!




Drinking ‘Marley’s Mellow Mood Citrus’ it’s not an energy drink and it’s not as sickly as fizzy pop it’s slightly sweet and has a slight herbal taste. No, not that kind! I’m cutting down on how much alcohol I drink and only indulging on occasions or, y’know Fridays.


Buying another pair of black boots! I know, I’m just beyond reason at this point, ha! No seriously, they were on sale at £20.00 reduced from £45.00! The idea is that I can wear them with a skirt or a short dress and tights through S/S and Autumn because they don’t have a zip (unlike modern DM’s) that snag the tights. Plus these boots are slim fitting a look more ladylike than my big spiky ones.


Listening to late 70’s Ska band The Selecter. I noticed a kinda crazy but catchy tune on an advert so I YouTubed it and discovered this awesome band. As soon as I’d played a single bar of this song my mate Steph knew what it was straight away!

Discovering that TK Maxx is a great place to find cruelty free beauty brands that are discounted. This Faith In Nature face and body scrub was £3.99 down from £6.25 (I’m going to need some scrubbing now I’m getting my winter withered legs out) and Good Things Cleanser (which smells gorgeous and is naturally anti-bacterial thanks to the honey) was £2.99 reduced from 4.99. There were also some Tisserand products but non that I wanted at that moment.

Faith In Nature Good Things

Creating ‘posh’ salads and sandwiches. My fave ingredients include a combination of cashews, assorted olives, sun dried marinated tomatoes, rocket, spinach, humous, ground seshwan pepper corns, spring onion, mushrooms, halloumi cheese, cranberries, caramelised onion chutney (or my mates homemade fig and red onion one), assorted seeds and crushed up vegetable crisps for crunch. It sounds a little expensive but I’ve got everyone on board so we are sharing the food and the cost. Yumm!


I’m looking forward to…Watching the second series of Gotham and the new Daredevil series, because lets face it, anything is an improvement on the 2003 Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck film.


Have an awesome weekend peeps!

Chrissie xx



Maxi Dresses Equal Maximum Style

Maxi Dresses Equal Maxi Style
Beach, shopping or bar hopping, maxi’s are perfect for whatever you want to do!
Which one’s are your faves?
Chrissie xx

My Everyday Skin Care Essentials

These products aren’t particularly glamorous or expensive but they do their job so well that my skin wouldn’t be the same without them.

insta natural vitamin C moisturiser  cruelty free deodorant

Gwdihw (Goody Hoo) Smoochy Lips Cherry lip balm £3.99 25g

My name is Chrissie and I’m a lip balm obsessive. If they come in cute tins then even better, hehee! This lip balm consists of coconut and olive oils, beeswax, Calendula (Marigold), natural cherry oil which sooth and smooth chapped lips. This is one of the most solid balms I’ve come across but it does melt quickly in a warm atmosphere. It transforms dry rough lips quicker than any other balm I’ve tried but if your lips are increadibly dry there is a chance it might just sit on them and not sink in, however this is a good daily balm. I’m going to separate it into smaller pots so I can keep some in my bag, pocket, by my bedside and by the couch.

Insta Natural Youth Express Vitamin C Moisturiser $19.97 100ml

Vit C is essential for the structure and repair of connective tissue so I’d say it’s a vital ingredient in any moisturiser. My first thought “This moisturiser seems quite thick – oh no!” My second thought “Oh, it spreads easily and sinks into my skin really well.” I’ve only been using this for a week so I can’t vouch for any long term transformative effects but it leaves my skin feeling moisturised, looking naturally radiant and is a fantastic base for makeup (if you have very oily skin you would still need to use a pore perfecting cream as well). Ingredients also include Niacinamide, Hyaluronic acid, plant stem cells and peptide complex.

Salt of The Earth Natural Deodorant £4.75

I hate those kinds of anti-persperants that clog up pores and cover my black clothes in thick white dust. The body is meant to perspire to cool down but no one wants to smell like an old trainer so this natural type of deodorant is the answer. This one is made from alum, an antibacterial mineral salt which sucks up extra moisture and odour rather effectively. I can’t recommend this if you are a regular gym bunny or are about to hit the clubs but for everyday use this product is perfectly effective.

Insta Natural Moroccan Rose Water Facial Toner $13.97 120ml

This is a beautiful product. It smells beautiful. It’s beautifully simplistic – a tincture of rose petals – and it soothes irritated inflamed skin making it look calm and beautiful again. It does a good job of gently removing dirt and any left over traces of makeup after cleansing, without drying skin. I use toner twice a day and to freshen up in summer so I love that this comes in such a big bottle. 

Added extras: You can add some to the water if you want a calming rose scented bath or massage into your scalp or use with shampoo to give your scalp some TLC. I’ll defiantly try both!

So those are the products that keep my skin happy on a daily basis. Have you tried any of these? Which products in your beauty regime do you consider to be essential?

Insta Natural products were gifted to me for review purposes, this does not bias my opinion in any way. Honest as always!

Chrissie xx