20 Ways To Tell If You Are A Hipster

It’s easy to cringe at Hipsters, when you assume they were the nerdy kids at school who are now achingly cool. It’s not always intentional though, in fact, maybe you are a hipster yourself but you just don’t realise it yet. Read on to find out if you’ve accidentally become a hipster ;o)


  1. You have an obscure musical instrument casually lying around your home. You can’t play it very well but it adds to the general ambiance.
  2. Your conversation is littered with esoteric pop culture references or stories of trendy dive bar openings you’ve attended or which new ‘retro’ Cath Kidston product you own.
  3. You wish cupcakes hadn’t become so mainstream because now they can’t be the kooky twist to your party.
  4. You can’t function without foods such as quinoa, vegetable crisps, figs, acai berries, goji berries, kale, agave syrup and soya milk, which you buy at your local specialist deli of course. It’s all part of your new ‘clean eating’ regime.
  5. You manage to combine at least 5 of the above ingredients to make sludgy smoothies everyday.
  6. Even though you are clearly an adult your fave tees have cartoon characters on them from your childhood because it’s just so ironic, lols.
  7. You have a tattoo or piercings in a deliberately random place.
  8. You have an interesting vinyl collection on display. Even if it belonged to your Granddad and you dug it out of the attic.
  9. You have a sowing machine on display. Even if it belonged to your Grandma and you dug it out of the attic.
  10. You call the loft space an attic because it makes it sound more mysterious.
  11. You ride a wayfarer bike which has no lights but it does have a woven basket on the front.
  12. Your wardrobe consists of satchels, beanies, vintage clothes, new clothes which look vintage, clothes from an expensive indie label, thick framed glasses and that one ‘quirky’ accessory which you wear with everything because it expresses your individual vibe so well.
  13. Chain stores and restaurants are the devil and everything that is wrong with society. You much prefer independent cafes (especially ones with vegan and gluten free options – you don’t actually need it, you just like the idea), vintage markets and record stores. A combination of all three would be your idea of heaven.
  14. You are likely to be found at an adult colouring book meet up, a scrap booking meet up, a customise your clothes meet up, or a recycle-your-old-crap-into-something-only-slightly-less-crap meet up.
  15. You have to share every second of your life on social media (but not on Facebook as that’s so passé obv) – even though doing this means your perfectly arranged food is now cold.
  16. Normal lighting in the middle of the ceiling is so boring! You only use fairy lights, and strategically placed hidden mood lighting.
  17. Your stationary is either monogrammed, leather bound or is covered with adorable printed illustrations. You make a point of carrying said stationary around with you.
  18. You have either altered your rather plain name ie. Michelle to Mitch, Rachel to Ritchie or you have gone back to your full name which you thought too pretentious  as a teen such as Bernadette or Lucinda.
  19. You drink only craft beer or cocktails which include bizarre and unique ingredients. 
  20. You have the most beautiful looking Pinterest boards imaginable. There are lots of other useful stuff you want to pin but it doesn’t look pretty enough.

Are you recognising yourself yet? Sadly, I know I am LOLS


9 thoughts on “20 Ways To Tell If You Are A Hipster

  1. LOL. Didn’t make the hipster cut, but I did get accused of being “emo” once, at which point I was like “What the hell’s that?!?” *laugh*


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