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Watching…Orphan Black a sci-fi series featuring Tatiana Maslany who plays 7 characters (so far) who are all very different but have the same secret, the same shoe size and the orphanblackposter1same DNA – or do they? It follows Sarah a drifter and con artists who teams up with her GBF to find out the truth behind some very strange experiences as she struggles to get her young daughter back. Totally compelling and not as confusing as you might assume.P1050563

Making… Thick shakes by blitzing together Dream coconut and rice milk with a frozen banana and a tiny squirt of runny honey.


SamplingFaceTheory Relaxing Night Cream (£17.50 50ml) which is lovely and light on the skin unlike other night creams can which feel heavy and greasy. The next day my combination skin wasn’t too dry or too oily, it was just right. Yes I am the Goldilocks of skin care results! The cream contains Hyaluronic acid and vit C and E to repair skin P1050561while you sleep You can get 20% off with code NIGHT20 online. The Library Of Fragrance sent me samples of their popular scents Baby Powder and Thunderstorm to try. They actually have 300 unique and ‘everyday’ scents in their library. I think the smell of baby powder is very flowery and comforting and I can see how it can bring back fond memories for mums but I wouldn’t choose to smell like I’d just had my nappy changed in my 30’s! Thunderstorm is definitely a man’s scent, in fact it’s very reminiscent of the middle – top notes used in a lot of mens fragrances. It’s fresh, subtly sexy and it really does smell like a forest after it rains! Me and the bloke have often commented on how much we like that moment and now we actually have it in a bottle :o)

Buying and dying…Some S/S wardrobe essentials and my Count Duckula tee (he’s a vampire duck who’s vegetarian btw). I desperately needed a little cross body bag in a neutral colour for everyday use as I’d busted two zips on my old crappy one and found P1050574this sturdier one in Tesco. The plain white pumps are from Matalan to wear with my maxi skirts and dresses in the day time. The Count Duckula tee is from Truffle Shuffle and was originally white, making the print on it really bright, making it look childish and oddly promotional – seing as the cartoon ended in 93. I bought some Dylon dye in ‘Antique Grey’ but only used half to dye it. It’s come out exactly as I’d hoped! The colours look more faded and old and it looks better quality somehow.

Reading…The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. Now I know that this isn’t a recent novel The Night Circus by Erin Morgensternbut if you are a fan of anything that’s mysterious, magical or a little creepy even, then you need to read this! What if you could bring something imaginary to life? This is exactly what Morgenstern does with her writing and so do her characters – literally! There is a price to pay however, as this is a very real challenge between two very unwilling competitors and there will be collateral damage. Can’t remember if I’ve already mentioned this book. I started reading it, lost it and then found it again!

Learning…About Dyspraxia. I bought Caged In Chaos, a guide written by Victoria Biggs shortly after she was diagnosed with severe Dyspraxia at 16 (and then updated when she is 26). Not only would this book help someone with my difference, it would also be useful a45c0129d8840cc0f2758705e9bb72b6to anyone with Asperger’s or ADD/ADHD to cope with everyday situations. It’s so unusual because it’s written from her (very self aware and candid) point of view, resulting in a book that is positive, practical and humorous. Her personality really comes out in her writing and she reminded me so much of myself that it was just uncanny! I really do think that all teachers and lecturers should also read this book.

Sunning Myself (which somehow sounds slightly pervy in modern times)…Or ‘Chillin’ out maxin’ relaxin’ all cool’…Basically I’ve been taking my vit D supplements now for a year (I had the lowest level the Dr had ever seen – beat that someone else!) and I’ve noticed recently that my 156234_340skin has gone from sallow yellow/grey to the tan colour it used to be when I was a kid/teen. I’ve been in the sun – with SPF 15 on – for a total of 9 hours over 3 days and I have my natural colour back! *happy dance* My Mum commented on how radiant and healthy my skin looked as soon as she saw me. If your’e meant to have beautiful pale skin, I don’t advise you to fry yourself in the sun for hours simply to attain a tan obviously!

Obligatory question to encourage comments?

Hope you have a wild (or chilled) week guys!

Chrissie 👭👟📖

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