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About the book

Last week was Mental Health Awareness Week (11th -17th May) and I started reading what could be described as a self help book with a difference. It features the authors personal journey, self hypnosis techniques for relaxation and reprogramming, along with music suggestions to help you to relax or release emotions.

How it works

Tom combines his experiences as a therapist, teachings from ancient wisdom traditions, rapid-behaviour-change techniques and wittily and candidly recounts how his outlook on life changed for the better.

The Three Pillars of Absolute Happiness:

Pillar 1 Peace (emotional intelligence and deprogramming fear) – how to let go of limiting thoughts, beliefs, feelings and behaviours that are holding you back.

Pillar 2 Power (success psychology) – how to unleash your enormous potential and flow through life with brilliance by learning to relate to life in new ways.

Pillar 3 Purpose (unconditional love) – how to enjoy everything that matters most by experiencing more connection, contribution and celebration.

Has it worked for me?

I realised that I’ve basically gone through pillar 1 myself already as life has given me a few wake-up calls and I’ve had long chats with the bloke (usually after too many beers, ironically) about how I’ve felt and why I wasn’t functioning very well. I’m able to relate to my emotions now and to understand them and handle them better as a result.TheFreeMind Experience

Pillar 2 helped me to feel more optimistic and better about myself and kept on reminding me of that. It gave me ways to catch any negative thoughts as soon as they occur and then to reprogram my way of thinking so they re-occur less and less and naturally become positive one’s instead!

I’m half way through pillar 3 at the moment and I already have a greater sense of being at one with life, rather than battling through it or feeling angry when it frustrates me because things aren’t going to (my) plan. I feel lighter somehow and a lot more chilled. I’m also smiling more, being more accepting of others if they act out because they’re having a bad day, I’m more patient and tolerant. I’m also looking at the beauty in the world that’s all around and appreciating it more, rather than just rushing past it on the way to somewhere with my head down. The bloke actually asked me if I’d taken ‘any happy pills or something?’ nope, there’s no need!

To Sum Up…

Don’t expect this to be an uplifting journey all of the way through. You have to start with a lot of soul searching and maybe re-remembering negative times and feelings you may have buried or didn’t realise effected you so much at the time. Feelings that have made you cynical or defensive or unworthy or even phobic etc. but it’s the perfect way to dump any emotional baggage or negative learned behaviour. Then you learn to re-connect with yourself and love yourself in a way that we all should, because how can you begin to positively relate to others or reach any goals if you don’t believe in yourself? Then the book helps us to appreciate everything and everyone – yes, even the crappy times and the arsewipes – because it’s all part of the shared experience we call life and we can’t control everything anyway. But also to really throw ourselves into life with a lighter heart, new enthusiasm and a deeper kindness to others and ourselves. Can’t argue with that! The music suggestions and the idea of attaching positive emotions to them so that when you play that particular song, you feel uplifted all over again is just genius!

I’d love to know would you give this a try? Have you tried something similar?

I was sent this book to review but this in no way effects my opinion. Honest as always!

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Chrissie xx

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