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I was sent a sample of Lola by Signature Fragrances quite a while back and I fell in love with this unique scent with sweet, musky yet uplifting notes. It’s girly, fun and sultry all at once. I was lucky enough to get this beautiful full sized cut glass bottle for my birthday a few weeks ago. My dressing table has never looked so lovely.

Signature fragrances Lola parfum
This is around true-to-life size



Top: African Orange Flower

Heart: Jasmine, Patchouli

Base: Cedar, Rose, White Honey

This Pure Parfum costs £50.00 which is very reasonable considering the quality – a tiny bit lasts a long time. Just a swipe from the sample applicator (the glass applicator is much thicker) is all I need. My bodies chemistry is brilliant at killing scents unless they have a muskier/heavier base (all of those ‘fresh’ watery summer scents don’t stand a chance) but this melted into my skin and when it warmed up had a noticeable gorgeous scent which lasted for hours. I was really pleased that it came with the choice of a free sample and I cheated and chose more Lola! To my surprise they included a second free sample of Violet Leaves and Jasmine. I’m a big fan of Jasmine (obviously) but I hate violet and lavender unfortunately.

It’s funny, as a teen in the 90’s I used to love a cheap exotic perfume called ‘Tribe’ (I had to wear copious amounts as it would wear off really quickly) and this reminds me of a quality sophisticated version – basically the perfect perfume that I’ve been searching for, for years!

Chrissie xx



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