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When I read the name Pore Tightening Vitamin C Facial Toner (£17.95) it definitely got my attention! Like so many other women as a teen I used harsh toners that stripped any natural oils my skin had and as an adult I’ve used gentler toners that smell fresh and zingy but don’t do very much. I’ve never used one which is so pro-active, gentle and with a delicate rose scent.

insta natural vitamin C facial toner


Vitamin C to renew skin and neutralise free radicals to minimize UV damage

Witch Hazel’s for it’s astringent properties which reduces the oil and tightens your pores

Sulfur which works with other ingredients to increase skin’s elasticity.

Balances the PH levels of skin so it’s primed to absorb facial oils and moisturisers.


  • I used this product for a week and found after the first time that my skin broke out a little but this was because of the witch hazel drawing out underlying impurities, which I was glad about.
  • After a week my pores do look tighter and my skin is balanced. My skin could have easily gotten freaked out after a mixed week of sun cream applications one day and drying central heating the next!
  • I’ve noticed my facial oil is sinking in quicker and not just sitting on the surface or pooling in my pores.
  • My skin goes to bed happy and refreshed rather than dry or red after using this toner.
  • It’s so refreshing and uplifting to use if you feel hot and tired and/or stressed. My Mum kept on nicking it throughout the day and even used it on her feet!
  • Thanks to the witch hazel it also removes daily grime, tinted BB creams/very light foundation and even toned down my over zealous application of fake tan! If you are going to be lazy and use it as a quick cleanser (be honest, we all do it when we are really tired and ready for bed) I suggest four close sprays and then wiping with a cotton pad.


  • You might want to avoid if you don’t like your face products scented. I wouldn’t say I have very sensitive skin but it can get irritated and this was really neutral.

To be honest, sometimes I’d wonder if using toner was really a necessary step in my skincare regime. Now I get it! As you know I’m a big fan of Insta Natural products, here’s a review of their Retinol moisturiser, their Vitamin C moisturiser and Rose water toner, their Eye serum and Retinol serums.

Chrissie xx

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