20 Things That Make Me Happy

So this post was going to be called ‘Shizzle I’m The Bizzle At’ but then I figured listing shit I’m the business at was a bit narcissistic and not very relatable so I’m going down a more Pollyanna route. th

  1.  Sunshine! Even if it’s the deceiving kind that’s really weak and it’s cold, I don’t care so much if it’s sunny.
  2. ‘Foreign’ take-aways which ignore most English bank holidays and even Sundays and stay open until 11.00am.
  3. Silly TV series. Reading makes me incredibly tired as does trying to store and compute complicated things which I’ve read. Jane The Virgin, Bob’s Burgers and The Mindy Project are much less challenging!
  4. Flowers, wether they are in a vase, in a forest or along the side of the motorway, they genuinely brighten my day. I’m resisting the urge for bad poetry here.
  5. That camera’s exist. My memory is so bad that I find it wonderful to look back on all the fun times I’ve had with people and the details of places that I would have forgotten about otherwise.
  6. Animals. I think it’s amazing that there are so many other species on the planet. Imagine if somehow it were just us – urgh!  It’s also very relaxing adding cute animals to my Pinterest board before I go to sleep.438834252a6ca6128725e9995279baad
  7. A great big bear hug from a bloke – one that I’ve met several times obviously! A backwards one especially when my back or shoulders are aching as it kind of straightens me out.
  8. My wonderful friends, family and the bloke. I couldn’t have done it without them, and by ‘it’ I mean life so far. They can be supportive, annoying and make me laugh all in one sentence!
  9. My laptop and the internet. As I don’t have a smart phone I’d feel rather cut off from ‘the outside’ world, which is ironic as I spend hours indoors using it, more than I probably should. As a teen I always envisaged I’d be writing away on a laptop on my knee eventually.
  10. The sea air or how the countryside smells after it’s rained.
  11. Waking up before my alarm goes off so it seems like I’m having a little lie in.
  12. Kindness – when a stranger goes out of their way to help me in any way.
  13. Feeling exhausted and going into the bedroom expecting to have to make the bed and realising I made it all neat with fresh sheets that day.
  14. Halloween, as there’s always a chance that I’ll get to dress up and do crazy makeup!
  15. Successfully making the perfect pizza and not dropping any into my cleavage.
  16. Writing, especially looking back at my newly published blog post and finding that it’s exactly the way I planned it in my head and replying to lovely comments. Also writing a successful pitch to a brand and getting an email from them asking me to choose an item – yay! See Christmas below…
  17. Christmas. Nostalgia, fairy lights, presents, cards, lots of comfort food and more fairy lights!
  18. Thunder and lightning storms when I’m in a cozy room with big windows.
  19. Being high up in a safe environment and looking down/across a landscape. So peaceful.
  20. Making lists :oD

Which one’s strike accord with you? 

Chrissie xx

6 thoughts on “20 Things That Make Me Happy

  1. 10 and 18….but not high heels like a post I saw earlier….would kill myself….and it’s ok to say shit too by the way….I do on my other blog….the kids may be watching ha know😊 peace and blessings my friend😊Kim


  2. There were a few, really. Photos are very special to me (I like yours below, by the way!) and they also help me remember things. I am grateful for all the animals and when someone does something unexpected for me. Yesterday a parent made me a plate of cookies!


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