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Get Some Kicks Out Of Life
Even the token white pair has some colour on it, ha! Never boring!
Which one’s are your faves?

5 responses to “Get Some Kicks Out Of Life”

  1. helensnowdon Avatar

    Loving the leopard print Cons. Trying to find a cheap pair of white Converse is like trying to find gold in mud haha. The search goes on…


    1. Manchester Flick Chick (Chrissie) Avatar

      I’d never buy Converse unless they had a particular print on them or an unusual colour that I loved because of the price tag. I bought my white canvas trainers from Matalan for 12 quid :oD


  2. teachezwell Avatar

    Awesome collection! I’d go with the animal print. Wow!


    1. Manchester Flick Chick (Chrissie) Avatar

      I’m not exactly subtle in my trainer choices am I ha! Weirdly, animal print goes with a lot of things though :0)

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      1. teachezwell Avatar

        Not too subtle, no! 🙂


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