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AA Skincare Refreshing Eye Gel

I’ve not come across AA Skincare before but I’m glad I have as they have over 30 years experiences of sourcing essential oils and natural ingredients and their products are cruelty free (of course) and affordable.

Seaweed & Aloe refreshing Eye Gel £6.96 50ml



When I read that this contained seaweed and Aloe – two of my favourite natural and effective ingredients – I couldn’t wait to try this. I also love the fact that this is a cleanser as well as just an eye gel. I’ve been applying it to under and around my eyes with gentle taps using my ring finger (I keep the bottle in the salad crisper in my fridge) for four days and here are the results.

Before on the left and after on the right.

P1050932 P1050887

I haven’t noticed a difference on the firmness of the skin on my brow bone (I guess that’s just the shape of my eyes) but as you can see it’s definitely helped my saggy bags! Who else besides me has ‘cheek bags’ seriously? I still have little grooves in the corners put no where near as much puffiness. I’ve started using this gel as a face cleanser when wearing very light make up and I like the cooling refreshing feeling. The cleanser wiped away my (non waterproof) mascara easily and didn’t sting my very sensitive eyes at all.

  • The pump dispenses the perfect controlled amount
  • Refreshing, soothing and toning
  • Removes light makeup and mascara
  • Huge value for money
  • Gentle for sensitive eyes and skin

Rating 5/5

Bergamot & Chamomile Cleansing Face Gel £5.94 for 100ml

I used this with my electric facebrush and I was pleased to see that it cleansed without massively foaming up. I noticed that I had less redness and dryness than I have in the past after using some other cleansers.

Rating 5/5


Bergamot & Chamomile Moisturising Face Lotion £6.96 for 100ml

I used this after the cleansing face gel. This is a very light lotion which I really liked as it didn’t swamp my pores or make my skin feel tacky, plus I could apply foundation over the top as it sunk in quickly. It also combatted any remaining redness I had. The only problem I found after using the two products together in this humid UK Summer weather, was that by teatime my skin looked and felt greasy. The next day I used a primer on my T-zone and the problem was solved. Best for normal or mildly combination skin but not in heavy humidity!

Rating 4/5


3 responses to “AA Skincare – Eye Gel & eye makeup remover in one!”

  1. Avatar

    That eyegel is brilliant,can really see the difference. Its great when products actually work. Im moonfairyk9 on instagram im following you just found your blog,enjoying reading it.


    1. Manchester Flick Chick (Chrissie) Avatar

      Ah thanks! I’m terrible at applying it though lol I do love the look the though.


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    […] Here is my earlier review of AA Skincare Refreshing Eye Gel & Cleanser. […]


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