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Mink and Stone Jewellery

You know when you spend ages scouring the shops to find that certain piece of jewellery that you have in mind and just cannot find anything that’s quite right? I’ve done this so many times. So I jumped at the chance to design my own at Mink and Stone!

Mink and Stone Jewellery

How It Works

The idea is that you select a size of necklace or a bracelet and then you add the type of beads to your ‘tray’ that you are interested in (or choose from existing trays such as Denim or Tropical), then you start virtually threading your beads in whatever pattern you like onto your chain. You will need to fill up the chain but they have spacer beads if you need them. It can get expensive very quickly if you get carried away – oops! Then you publish your creation and it goes to the gallery page where you can buy it. My bracelet arrived a couple of days later packaged securely in a jiffy bag and a little draw string bag. I was very impressed with the speed of delivery.

Mink and Stone Jewellery

Design Options

I love marcasite silver jewellery and turquoise so I knew it would end up looking something like this. I have tiny wrists which easily get swamped by heavier bangles but bracelets sometimes dangle annoyingly because they are too long. I really liked that I could choose my length of chain. They have every size, type and function of bead you can imagine from glass, ceramic and plastic to elaborately decorated ones.

Mink and Stone Jewellery

My Verdict

The only problem I had was that I couldn’t find a ‘back’ button when I was creating my bracelet so if I made a mistake or wanted to change the design slightly, I had to start over again. I think this service is fantastic for anyone who’s into design but doesn’t have the time, patience or ability to make their own jewellery. I’ve made my own jewellery in the past but struggled to attach or even find suitable fasteners so they’ve ended up being tied to my wrist instead – hardly fabulous, unlike these.

What would you design?

I was gifted the chain and a choice of  beads by Mink and Stone which in no way effects my opinion.

Chrissie xx

5 responses to “Design Your Own Jewellery with Mink and Stone”

  1. hollie Avatar

    I have small wrists too, so bracelets can get annoying when they slip off unexpectedly. I wore one yesterday at work, a gold bangle that is sooo pretty, but it kept clanging against my desk and drove me crazy until I took it off!


    1. Manchester Flick Chick (Chrissie) Avatar

      They are just so annoying! Plus it looks a bit mad when your wrist is laying flat on a table and the bangle is just sitting upright with all of this empty space around it which isn’t filled by your wrist. Bangles and charm bracelets (the dangly kind) are best for nights out I reckon.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Keeley Avatar

    This is just beautiful and a great idea as I, too, have small wrists and find so many bracelets are just too big for my wrist.


  3. The Chaos Realm Avatar
    The Chaos Realm

    Don’t laugh, but I make jewelry sometimes with hemp and beads from the local bead store LOL


    1. Manchester Flick Chick (Chrissie) Avatar

      Why would I laugh? I do that with beads and black waxed cotton but I fancied something fancier for a change.


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