Weird and Wonderful Links #2

Film and TV

Paper Towns official trailer ft. Cara Delevingne and Not Wolff

Best TV Series of 2015 so Far according to Rolling Stone Magazine I’m looking forward to catching up and watching Dare Devil and Empire. I liked Better Call Saul but it wasn’t as funny as I thought it would be and it’s more heartfelt. Some episodes can feel a little slow in places but stick with it.

The Best TV Series This Summer  Me and The Bloke loved True Detective we are so glad it’s back for a second series, same goes for Ray Donovan – I’m not usually into mean and moody types but there’s just something about this guy!

21 Add-libs That Became Famous Lines in Films Just leave the actors to it!

What Do US Film Critics Think Of Our Biggest Home-Grown Stars?

Alternative Endings to Films That Didn’t Make the Cut


25 Signs Made Funnier By Pedestrians  I can’t even pic my faves as their are too many, although 3, 4 and 7 are a special kind of humour.The New Trend of Cooking/Baking Concealer

Best News Bloopers 80s and 90s “….The Noise!” haha!

Funny News Bloopers Compilation 2015 part 1

15 Logos That Have Failed Spectacularly. It helps if you have a dirty mind for a lot of these, lol

Weird Japanese Commercials – What. The. Actual. F#*%!?

Quirky, Clever and Cute Animals

French Bulldog Get Ratted On By His Friend

Maru the cat who’s behaviour is funny, lazy and adorably strange

Very Clever Animals 

Simon’s Cat ‘Hot Water’ cartoon sketch

Cute Mini Pigs Compilation Ok the word ‘cute’ is already obvious!

Unbelievably Strange Animal Friends Compilation

Social Media, Apps and Blogging/Vlogging

Daily Blog Tips For newbies or professionals.

5 Fandom Friday: 5 Favourite Aliens Five things on a certain topic that The Nerdie Girlie and Super Space Chick love. Link up your own Fandom Friday post there because it’s a linkie!

100 Ideas for Instagram Posts  If you have Insta-envy and want inspiration or if your just bored and fancy a challenge, these ideas are awesome!

The Busy Bloggers Guide To Pitching PR’s 

10 Smartphone Apps That Wil Save You A Fortune 

PewDiePie You Tube Gamer Gets Rich


Lybia Jet Skims Person in a Very Low Fly By

Bloodhound supersonic car will be the fastest vehicle on earth, reaching speeds of 1,000mph

The New Trend of Cooking/Baking Concealer. A great alternative to Strobing (and looking like an alien) especially if you have oily skin as it involves a LOT of powder.

World’s First Line of Dolls with Disabilities 


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Chrissie xx

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