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  1. He knows the exact way you like your weird food. Beens on your slightly overdone cheese toasty? No problem.
  2. You naturally help each other out because it’s a nice thing to do and you aren’t keeping count of favours.
  3. You share your favourite films and music and then realise you both liked similar if not the same already.boat
  4. When you are apart you either face timing each other or DM each other funny memes or email interesting articles. You always have ‘Oh I know they’d like this’ in the back of your mind.
  5. When you argue it’s because you are trying to get your differing points across to be understood. Not for smug point scoring.
  6. He’s phoned you at 1.00am when you are having a night out with friends ‘Just to check’ you are still ok and told you to phone him if you are stranded/in trouble, even if he doesn’t drive!?
  7. He will still invite you round to his, even though you’ve told him you need to watch the final of The Voice or Strictly Come Dancing as he knows how important it is to you.
  8. He will be honest and tell you if you are acting like a total muppet. You can also ask each other for objective advice. “Do these shoes make my feet look weirdly big?” “Not if you were a clown.”
  9. He’s taken the time to look after you when you’ve been poorly, like running to a late night chemist, massaging your feet or helping you get ready in the morning.
  10. You have a million in-jokes and phrases. You can have entire conversations that leave your group of friends looking completely perplexed.
  11. He’s seen you ugly cry and/or helped you to bed when you’ve had a few too many and not delighted in mentioning it the next day.
  12. You have declined invites out with friends because you are near the end of a Breaking Bad marathon (again).
  13. You have started sharing the same tees and hoodies and you aren’t sure who ‘borrowed’ what off whom anymore.
  14. He naturally encourages you to follow your dreams or hobbies even if they are different from his.
  15. You often take the mickey out of each other but it’s always in a tongue -in-cheek way.

Do you relate to any of these or have any of your own?

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7 responses to “15 Ways To Know When Your Boyfriend Is Also Your Best Friend”

  1. EmsLF Avatar

    Totally! Except number seven. Luke’ll only watch the shows I love/he hates if he can’t be arsed to move off the sofa. He can normally last a maximum of ten minutes before retiring to the office. Although in the beginning he did tolerate some more ‘alternative’ film viewing…


    1. Manchester Flick Chick (Chrissie) Avatar

      Oh yeah, totally not in the same room lol More like “You can borrow my telly” ☺


    2. Manchester Flick Chick (Chrissie) Avatar

      ‘Alternative’ haha! What about Agent Carter hon?


      1. EmsLF Avatar

        We actually gave up on that a few episodes in. I was super excited about it but felt a bit let down.


      2. Manchester Flick Chick (Chrissie) Avatar

        We did that with Agents of Shield. We held on with Agent Carter even though it sagged in the middle. Basically because we loved her character – that was it.


      3. EmsLF Avatar

        We’re still watching Agents of Shield but we’re pretty far behind. It’s mainly cos I love Fitz-Simmons


      4. Manchester Flick Chick (Chrissie) Avatar

        He’s such a great brave cute geek! I have a major crush on the actor who plays Coulsen.


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