Weird & Wonderful Links #3

Film & Books

Why Harper Lee’s Go Set A Watchman is so controversial 

The possible story in the film Labyrinth that went over our heads as a kid

Spectre trailer and reveal that Bond has always been manipulated 

The Maze Runner sequel The Scorch Trials

Geek/Alt Style

Cool woman’s tees from Insert Coin including a ‘Hello Kitty made from a joypad’ logo

Tongue-in-cheek geek tees from Tee Fury

Sea Punk or ‘Merman’ style on Instagram

Random Racoons (not actual racoons)

Freeganism and Wombling help people who are living on a lot less

How different animals see the world through their eyes

31 Awesome 90’s toys you probably weren’t bought but you still can now

Where to get free blog images and how to be aware of copy write laws

Japanese sea slug which looks like a bunny!

Sea slug which looks like a sheep!


More miss-heard song lyrics

Agent Carter and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D actors in mime/dub karaoke battle

A definitive guide to sleeping positions and a bloke called Pete

Here’s some more of my Weird & Wonderful Links 

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