AA Skincare Essentials Collection (natural) Deodorant Grapefruit & Cedarwood

I hate those deodorants that are thick enough to leave white marks on clothes because I wonder what they are doing to my pores! I get on OK with the solid rock natural deodorants in general but find them a little lacking if I’m working up an actual sweat for any reason, plus they tend to be scentless.

AA Skincare Essentials Collection Deodorant 50ml £4.94 is a liquid deodorant made from essential oils and natural extracts which comes in a handy roller ball and sturdy glass bottle.

AA Skincare Deodorant


They say

‘Cedarwood is naturally deodorising ingredient which helps to remove and prevent bad smells. The inclusion of Thyme also helps to control odour by attacking the bacteria that cause B.O. Grapefruit adds a zesty note to the aroma and helps to encourage the body to expel toxins. Aloe Vera soothes and calms, helping to avoid irritation around the armpits or wherever else the deodorant is used.’

No aluminium

No alcohol

No synthetic parfums.

My Verdict

Well this is the sexiest scented deodorant I’ve used! This one is for men but I liked the combination of sensual woody cedar and zingy grapefruit. The Bloke loved this as well, I knew he would.

I applied this in the morning, it was a day mixed with sudden cold rain showers as well as long sunny spells so I often found I was dressed too warm and overheating. Not to worry though as my under arms stayed dry, itch free (unlike when I use some spray deodorants) and smelled wonderful all day and evening.

Rating 5/5

This product was gifted to me to review, which does not affect my opinion in any way. 

Here is my earlier review of AA Skincare Refreshing Eye Gel & Cleanser.


Chrissie xx


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