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13 Awkward Things You Have To Deal With When You Don’t Want Kids

If Superheroes Had Part-time Jobs. I love these simple chunky illustrations. Not sure what Harry Potter is doing there though.

News From Sony about Dark Tower, Spider-Man, Jumanji and more! 

15 Fashion Hacks That Every Girl Should Keep In Mind . Some practical tips to prevent and fix wardrobe malfunctions as well some glitter, because glitter – yay!

The Last Witch Hunter Trailer

Birds Eye Views Of Cities and Beautiful Places

Disney Princess imagined in real life. Prince Eric and Aladdin have me sold on this concept.

30 Clever Tattoos That make Good Use Of The Body

Top Ten Spanish Vegetarian Tapas Recipes

10 Ridiculous Ideas Which Can Actually Work. I love all of these lol

Nine Excersizes That Are Better Than Squatts. Whether you have dodgy knees or you want to change the kind of squatts that you do, these are brilliant toning exercizes.

22 Funny Placement Coincidences Caught on Camera. Some of these are ironic and some perfectly timed.

20 Predictions That Back To The Future Made That Turned Out To Be True. I knew it was just a matter of time. That tablet prediction is so accurate it’s scary!

A great article which includes quotes from bloggers about fit-shaming, thin-shaming, fat-shaming and diet-shaming. Stop shaming full stop.

35 innocent pictures and products that actually seem completely filthy. Naughty Elmo!

This is an article about the cutest spider in the world. Believe me I wouldn’t even have glanced at this, had I not been told it was genuinely quirky-cute. The video is hilarious as well!

The odd trend of Bubble manicures. Love or loath? 

Hyper-Unreal Stereographic Projections, or weird curved photographs edited together.

Ready Player One has a release date and will be directed by Spielberg. I better read the novel (full of pop-culture references and set in a dystopian future) first.

Here’s more in my Weird & Wonderful series

Chrissie xx

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    […] Here’s more in my series of Weird & Wonderful Links. […]


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    Thanks my lovely – I’ll check them out!

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