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As you might have seen in a recent post I tested some body oil on my cellulite and stretch marks. Although I was very pleased with one of the results there were still further improvements that I wanted to see in places. I got some lucky blogging karma and was given these creams from Insta Natural to try.


Cellulite Cream £21.95 (120ml)

Insta Natural Cellulite Cream

What they say about the ingredients…

  • Contains Retinol, Caffeine and Vitamin C – a powerful blend that helps visibly reduce the appearance of cellulite and dimples
  • Caffeine tones and tightens, while Retinol repairs and restores, so you can obtain long-lasting results for a firm and supple appearance
  • Provides superior hydration with Organic Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Avocado Oil and Organic Jojoba Oil to increase elasticity and achieve softer and smoother skin tone
  • Green Tea, Vitamin E and Vitamin C work to deliver powerful anti-aging benefits for youthful and healthy skin
  • Our moisturizing cream is easy to apply and provides long lasting results with continuous application

My Description and Results

I’ve been using this morning and night for 1 week. As it’s so difficult to get a picture I used the cream on my LEFT leg and not on my right leg. This cream has a thick whipped mouse feel to it. It has an unusual biscuity coffee scent which lingers a long time, so I was glad I wasn’t rushing to catch a bus shortly after applying it!


Well a week later and the back of my LEFT leg is exactly the same. I know a week is a fairly short amount of time but after 14 applications and massages, I’d expect to see SOME difference. As you can see, I have the kind of Cellulite that’s in horizontal indentations. Maybe it would work better on the ‘cottage cheese’ type?

Rating 0 /5


Stretch Mark & Scar Cream £21.95 (120ml)

Insta Batural Stretch Mark & Scar Cream

What hey say about the ingredients…

‘Vitamin C, Cocoa Butter, Rosehip Oil & Mango Butter to provide superior hydration and nourish your skin. Stretch marks appear when skin is stretched past its limit. This weakens the collagen in your skin, which turns into “tiger stripes” and scars on the body. Our formula fights stretch marks with Vitamin C, which improves the look and feel of your skin. Use all over the body – including the stomach, hips, thighs, arms, hands and feet – for soft and supple skin.’

My Description and Results

I’ve been using this morning and night for 1 week. I like the creams scent and even though it’s thick it spreads really easily.



After 1 Week


I’ve got more of a tan in the after picture which (oddly) helps to blend the marks more but I did notice that they didn’t look quite as deep, as though the texture of my skin was more even. I also tried this on a scar that’s three years old but it didn’t really do much. I’m going to keep on using this daily throughout the summer on my stretch marks though.

Rating  3/5

These products were sent to me for review by Insta Natural, this does not affect my opinion of them.

Here are my reviews of other Insta Natural products.

Chrissie xx

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