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This goes out to all of the chicks who have light-medium skin tones. Who are a little drab and sallow in the depths of Winter and get a gorgeous golden tan quickly in the Summer.

I recently discovered that the brand Sleek (who are cruelty free of course) take into account actual skin tones i.e. Pink tones, honey tones (that’s me), coffee tones etc. and don’t just get more and more pigmented like so many UK brands.


I purchase their foundation in Barley. It was a toss up in Superdrug’s false lighting between that and the lighter Sand.

Perfect match! Whoooop!

I love how easily this foundation spreads and how light it feels on my skin, it also has a gorgeous luminosity so it doesn’t actually look like I’m wearing any makeup. I was also impressed with the medium coverage.


I made the mistake of buying the wrong shade in the Corrector and Concealer unfortunately. I should have gone for shade 02 which seemed a little too light but 03 (which I purchased) is way too dark, even though the setting powder is a really close match to my foundation which totally threw me – sigh. Still, I blended the creamy corrector and concealer together and made a close-enough match for days when I don’t need a full face of foundation but thick coverage in certain areas.

I’m so glad I’ve found an affordable cruelty free brand that has so many shades in all of their products, not just foundation. They also have little tester tubes of foundation available to purchase on line!

Are you familiar with Sleek cosmetics?

Chrissie xx

3 responses to “Light Medium Colour Match! Sleek Foundation and Corector & Concealer”

  1. Nadia_H Avatar

    I’ve never tried any of Sleek’s stuff, but it always looks so bright and colourful 🙂


    1. Manchester Flick Chick (Chrissie) Avatar

      Their eyeshadow palettes are similar to Barry M Dazzle Dust, in that they are highly pigmented and last for hours. No idea how I misjudged the concealer so much – looked like I’d changed race lol

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