A Not Entirely Serious Interview With Me ^_^

I absolutely love those cheeky questionnaires about life that Cosmopolitan send to their celebrity of the month to fill in. I thought I’d do it myself with some questions from the Augusts issue.


Stop making me laugh!

Name: Chrissie

Nickname: Beer Wench, Wenchetta

My mood right now is: Silly

But could be improved/worsened by: Salt and pepper tofu with extra chilli and a cold larger with fresh lime.

The emoji I can’t live without is: Big cheesy grin face

Life’s far too short to: 

a) Not eat carbs

b) Cry over men

c) Bitch about each other ❤

d) Google yourself

My standard photo face is:



My thoughts are: “Strange, I felt like I was smiling more and what the hell is going on with my hair!?”

The last book I read was: Clariel by Garth Nix for review purposes but I really liked it.

When no one is looking I:

a) Take a pouty selfie

b) Download One Direction’s music

c) Scroll through a Kardashian’s Instagram Only Khloe’s though!

d) Dance around naked


People ALWAYS ask me: “So what’s this dyslex-praxia thing you have? Is it like dyslexia but more?”  “Er….”

The first thing I do when I walk into the house is: 

a) Take my makeup off

b) Put rubbish TV on like: Chrisley Knows Best and The Real Housewives of OC

c) Check Facebook/Instagram/Twitter

d) Whip my bra off


Heartbreak is: I’ve never experienced it but I’m guessing a physical and emotional longing.

Draw a picture of your self here:



The best thing about being Chrissie is: Luckily my boobs stick out further than my belly lol

…and the worst is: Fatigue and a really dodgy short term memory.

My friends always make fun of me for: Having really ditzy moments. They are funny though…the moments I mean XoD

The thing that makes me really angry is: People who rudley stare and talk about people passing by loudly. Smh.

If I was a man for the day the first thing I’d do is: (blushing and laughing emoji face).

I’ve tried and tried but the one thing I can’t understand about men is: Why they choose to be moody rather than communicating.

The last text message I received said: I did the washing up monster.

…and was from: The Bloke

Extra question  – Draw your spirit animal:


Chrissie xx







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