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10 Rules To Surviving the Supermarket

Vamp It Up

First, let me tell you why I hate super market shopping:

My mind mind goes from running at a million random thoughts a minute to going blank when I’m actually using it to recall something. Yesterday I improvised and managed to cook something my partner said he would “pay money to eat”- it was a fluke I had bits in my cupboard that happened to compliment each other. I end up buying things that I like to eat but don’t work together as a meal. Melted cheese on gerkins with Smiley Faces anyone?

I find it tricky to judge how much of each thing I’ll need. I can’t tell you the amount of times a meal has only required three part’s, say Quorn chicken pieces, coconut milk and curry paste, and I’ve somehow come home with 3 tins of coconut milk, one bag of Quorn and totally forgot to buy…

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